Tuesday October 04, 2022

Vox Media Studios and 21 Laps partner with The Verge on a new Netflix Series

The Future Of …, will be released by Netflix. It is a new documentary series produced and distributed by The Verge, 21 Laps Entertainment (“Unsolved Mysteries”) and Vox Media Studios (“Explained”). The series will be distributed worldwide in two batches: the first six episodes will be released on Tuesday June 21st, and the rest six episodes on Tuesday June 28th, 2022.

Logline: If we could look into the future, we would be able to see how technology will impact every aspect of our lives, from how we raise pets and houseplants to how we eat and when we date. The future is more than the dystopia depicted in science fiction. We can and should expect more. The Future of… will make surprising and personal predictions about our lives and the future of generations to follow.

Josh Barry, 21 Laps Entertainment. “From the first meeting when Chad Mumm & I started conceptualizing this idea in person, we knew that 21 Laps and The Verge could create innovative stories for Netflix by sharing an optimistic vision of the future. We look forward sharing the ideas and technology the series explores as a hopeful, innovative look at the future.

Nilay Patel, The Verge – “The Verge is about how science and tech make us feel. The Future Of is an ambitious exploration of how innovation could radically change the experience of everything, from cheeseburgers and falling in love – and how we can all shape the futures that we can create together.”

Chad Mumm from Vox Media Studios: We are thrilled to expand our relationship with Netflix and collaborate with 21 Laps and The Verge. “The Future Of …” shows how we collaborate with our award-winning editorial network to create compelling series for today’s audience.

The Future of… is executive produced for The Verge by Nilay Patel, Eleanor Donovan, Josh Barry, Shawn Levy, and Chad Mumm for 21 Laps Entertainment. Chad Mumm, Mark W. Olsen and Max Heckman, Michael John Warren and Chris Grosso are for Vox Media Studios.
ABOUT THE Verge is a multimedia project that examines how technology will impact our lives in the future. It was founded in 2011 by an ambitious multimedia team. Our initial editorial insight was that technology had moved from the fringes to the center of culture as mobile technology created a new class of digital consumers. We live in a world of screens, which has brought about revolutions in media and transportation as well as science. The future is coming faster than ever and The Verge will bring you the next.
21 Laps Entertainment was founded by Shawn Levy in 2005 as a film and TV production company. They produce content in many genres and collaborate with some of the best filmmakers in the business.
21 Laps has recently produced the Levy-directed films Free Guy and The Adam Project. Both were the top grossing original IP/original concepts films of last year. Levy is currently directing the series “All the Light We Cannot See”. Netflix’s next projects include the fourth season of “Stranger Things”, volume three of the “Unsolved Mysteries” series, and the second season “Shadow and Bone.” Rosaline for Hulu’s fourth season is currently in post-production. Crater and Night at the Museum’s animated version are also launching on Disney+ this year. Levy is directing Dead Pool 3 and Free Guy 2 respectively.
Vox Media Studios is a new studio that produces premium unscripted, documentary and scripted programming for television and film, OTT and podcasts. Vox Media Studios also has brand partners to reach today’s global audience. It is an Emmy- and Academy Award-winning full service production studio that works independently or in partnership with Vox Media’s category-leading networks, including New York Magazine, Eater and Vox, Vox, Vox, NowThis and The Dodo. This allows the company to expand its storytelling capabilities to the most relevant platforms, such as HBO, Netflix, Hulu and Hulu, Apple TV+ and Discovery+, Disney+ and YouTube Originals. Vox Media Studios also houses the Academy Award-winning Vox Media Podcast Network, Epic, and the powerhouse Epic that produces extraordinary true stories.

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