Thursday February 09, 2023

Prime Day: Ninja Foodi Dual-Zone Air Fryer on Sale for $160

Engadget recommends only products that have been reviewed by our editorial team. This is independent of our parent company. Some stories contain affiliate links. Some of our stories include affiliate links. Amazon Prime Day: Ninja Foodi Dual Zone air fryer on sale for $160 This is $70 off the regular price, and a record-breaking low […]

Closer to AGI?

DeepMind’s new model, Gato, has sparked a debate on whether artificial general intelligence (AGI) is nearer–almost at hand–just a matter of scale. Gato is a model that can solve multiple unrelated problems: it may play a large number of different games, label images, chat, operate the robot, and more. Not so many years ago, one […]

How to Calculate Engagement Ratio (Calculator).

Learn how to increase your brand’s engagement on Instagram. Also, learn about global average engagement rates and the most engaging types of posts. Facebook will no longer offer its official Facebook Analytics tool after June 30, 2021. However, the platform still offers many ways to gather valuable information and insights. Learn how to measure success […]

Preparing your business for a global market

Share this post This requires you to give your best and prepare your business for success in an international market. This is a huge task that requires a lot of information. Here are some tips to help prepare your business for global competition. 1. Understand your target audience. Understanding your target audience is key to […]

24 Instagram Apps that Take Your Posts To the Next Level

Everything you need to know about Instagram for business, from setting up an account to creating a winning plan. Instagram saw a tremendous amount of growth in 2021. These Instagram statistics show how important the network is for your business. Who are the billion people who use Instagram every day? For savvy marketers, it is […]

Snapchat Advertising in 2022: How To Run Effective Snapchat Ads

This guide will teach you how to use Snapchat. Snapchat is the best place for your business to connect with people younger than 35. These are the top Snapchat business tips. Snapchat analytics or Insights can help you understand and prove the effectiveness Snapchat has on growing your business. Planning is key to using Snapchat […]

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