Tuesday January 25, 2022

Neil Young Wants Music Pulled From Spotify Over Joe Rogan’s Misinformation: Report

Neil Young performs at the BottleRock Napa Valley Music Festival at Napa Valley Expo in Napa, Calif., on May 25, 2019.Photo: Amy Harris (AP) Neil Young wants all his music pulled from streaming service Spotify as quickly as possible, according to an open letter the veteran rock musician posted to his website that’s since been […]

How to Stream Your Steam Games to Any Device

Depending on your device, you might see Steam’s Big Picture mode.Screenshot: Steam If you’re a gamer who uses Steam, then you also have access to the Remote Play service, which essentially beams gameplay around your home or across the internet to other laptops, phones, tablets, and even big-screen TVs. It’s not difficult to set up, […]

This Elephant-Like Giant Roamed South America for 2 Million Years

Artist’s conception of a lagoon in Chile during the late Pleistocene. Notiomastodon is pictured near two giant ground sloths (left), the equine Hippidion saldiasi (center left), an ancient llama relative (center right), a jaguar, and Macrauchenia patachonica (right), a three-toed herbivore.Illustration: Jorge González (Wikimedia Commons) Its tusks were thick and relatively straight; its ears broad […]

Gizmodo’s Degrees of the Future

In the 1950s, a visionary college student might have pursued a degree in computer science, and helped create our modern digital world. In the 1990s, that same student might have studied biotechnology, and developed genetic engineering techniques that are solving today’s health crises. But what and where should a forward-thinking student study in 2022? Advertisement […]

Nvidia’s Blockbuster Takeover of Arm Is Reportedly On the Brink of Collapse

Photo: Justin Sullivan (Getty Images) The biggest semiconductor acquisition in history is apparently on the brink of collapse. Nvidia is reportedly preparing to declare defeat in its attempted $40 billion purchase of Arm from SoftBank, according to a Bloomberg report. Advertisement Nvidia’s acquisition of Arm has faced regulatory scrutiny since being announced in September 2020. […]

How Life in the ‘Deep Biosphere’ Thrives Despite Temperatures That Would Fry Humans

The Japanese scientific drilling ship used to detect microbes living deep below the seafloor.Photo: JAMSTEC A science expedition in 2016 revealed a subsurface habitat in which microbes were found living at temperatures approaching 250 degrees Fahrenheit. Now, a follow-up study reveals how this remarkable microbial community manages to beat the heat. Advertisement High metabolic rates […]

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