Tuesday January 31, 2023

Scammers are extorting restaurants across the US using one-star Google reviews

A few high-profile, Michelin-starred restaurants in San Francisco and New York City have been targeted by an extortion scheme that uses Google reviews. It appears to be a coordinated effort. The restaurants receive a barrage on Google reviews of one star, which are the ratings that appear when you search for something on Maps. Then, […]

Ev Williams, Medium’s CEO and founder, is stepping down

Medium’s CEO is Evan Williams, the Twitter co-founder. Williams made the announcement on Tuesday. Medium (where else?) was Williams’ announcement. He wrote on Medium (where else?). He said that he was handing over the company to Tony Stubblebine. Although Stubblebine is not a household name but they have a long history together. Before Williams created […]

Rivian CEO informs staff that the company is undertaking a major cost-cutting initiative

Rivian, the electric vehicle manufacturer, is planning a major cost-cutting drive. CEO RJ Scaringe sent the memo to employees in response to reports that Rivian was planning up to 700 layoffs, primarily among non-engineering teams. Scaringe wrote the note in response to reports that Rivian planned to lay off 700 people, mainly from non-engineering departments. […]

An ex-Twitter employee claimed that they tried to warn people about the imminent death of Twitter users on Jan. 6th

Twitter’s role is back in the spotlight for its role in the January 6th rebellion. The House Select Committee hearing into the January 6th insurrection heard testimony from a former Twitter employee. He claimed that they tried to warn other employees at the company about violence. The committee pointed to a December 19th Tweet by […]

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