Tuesday January 31, 2023

[Update: Statement] Don’t update NVIDIA Shield for Plex if you use it.

NVIDIA, PlexNVIDIA have recently released an Android 11 update for all Shield TV devices, even the original model from 2015. Update, 1/19/22 at 4:35 PM Eastern: We have added a statement by NVIDIA to this article. Here’s the bottom line: NVIDIA claims that Plex servers are not working on Shield TVs with an updated storage “issue”. Plex and NVIDIA are working together to find a solution.
NVIDIA Shield TV is a popular Plex Server solution due to its powerful hardware and Ethernet support. 9t5Google reports that many Redditors have reported that the Android 11 update has broken their Sheild TV-based Plex servers.
Scoped Storage, Android 11’s new storage model, seems to be the culprit. Scoped Storage changes how apps should handle file management–unfortunately, not all apps support Scoped Storage. NVIDIA has created a support guide that addresses the issue. However, the steps in this guide won’t work if Plex media is stored on an external drive.
What’s the solution? Reddit users who were affected claim that a factory reset solved the problem, but NVIDIA says it is working on a better solution.

PLEX Media Server users are aware of a known problem if they have migrated their library metadata to an external storage. We are working with PLEX to resolve this issue as soon as we can.

NVIDIA Shield TV owners will be pleased to know that the Android 11 update has broken a lot of apps. NVIDIA has a list containing known bugs in its “Experience 9.0” update. These include stuttering issues when using HBO Max, broken third party launchers, audio cutouts and, oddly enough sideways video feeds.
These additional bugs are discussed by NVIDIA.

The latest software update introduced an issue in which “Allow only while you use the app” behaves exactly the same as “Don’t allow.” This means that many apps that depend on “Files and Media permissions to view and browse file data — such as PLEX Media Server and MX Player — are not functioning properly.
We are working closely with Google to resolve this issue as soon as possible. You can restore functionality to many of these apps by manually setting the “Files & Media” permission of the app either to “Allow all of the time” (or “Allow”), depending on which app you are using.

NVIDIA recommends that you uninstall and reinstall any apps that are not working for you to restore normal functionality.
Source: 9to5Google

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