Sunday November 27, 2022

Twitter suspends Wordle-ruining Bot

Twitter banned @wordlinator, which was a bot that responded to Wordle posts with rude messages and spoilers for the next game. The spoilers from the account appeared to be accurate (the game’s key is easily accessible in its code so it is not necessarily a surprise), and could ruin the game for anyone who saw them. Wordle is a game that gives you six chances to guess a five letter word. You can learn how to play it right here. The answer is the exact same for everyone, and it changes only once per day. You can also share the game with others by copying and pasting a series emojis to let them know how easy or difficult it was to guess the word. If you see a lot of yellow, gray, or green squares on Twitter they are probably Wordle results.

Note: if you like tweeting your wordIe scores, someone’s made a bot you should block as it auto-responds with tomorrows answer
— Dan nguyen (@dancow), January 24, 2022

Wordle users didn’t like the bot.
Knowing the next word can ruin the whole point of the game, as it is all about guessing the word. It’s also one those things that is almost impossible to remember. Once you know the next word, it’s likely you won’t be capable of forgetting it.
This bot is no longer available, but Twitter could be a dangerous place for Wordle users who wish to post their Wordle results. The internet already knows how to predict the next word, so someone else could create a bot that does the same thing as Wordlinator. If you do see a new bot, you can block it to prevent it from spoiling your experience and those of your followers.
The Verge reached out at Twitter before Wordlinator was banned to inquire if it was violating the platform’s rules. Although the company didn’t respond immediately, the bot appeared to violate at least one standard set out by Twitter’s Automation Rules Page. The word “Don’t!” is under the heading. It lists spam or bother users or send them unsolicited mail.”
We have a tutorial for how to mut Wordle tweets if you are tired of them. I prefer that you take this route to not make people feel bad about enjoying things.

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