Tuesday October 04, 2022

Twitter Circle is testing the tweets that you would rather keep to “select people”

Twitter’s acquisition is not a stop to product testing. We’ve already seen hints about the forthcoming edit tweets feature. The company now has a limited test of Twitter Circle. It’s a function similar to Instagram’s Close Friends or, if youre around for a while Google Plus. Twitter Circle will allow users to select up to 150 people to join their Circle. This includes followers and non-followers. When they feel like tweeting but not sharing to the masses, users can simply go to the Choose Audience menu and select Twitter Circle instead. (As shown below). Twitter says this is different than its Communities which hide tweets to prevent “context collapsing.” Communities tie to specific discussions, while Circle is standard tweets that are not available for everyone to view.
Image via Twitter

Some tweets are open to everyone, while others are only for you. We’re currently testing Twitter Circle which allows you to add up to 150 people to your Twitter account who can see your tweets when you share them with a smaller group. You can start your own Twitter Circle today! pic.twitter.com/nLaTG8qctp– Twitter Safety (@TwitterSafety) May 3, 2022

It allows you to have the same privacy as a locked profile but only for those who follow it. You don’t have to limit yourself to a locked profile. Members of your Circle can see any tweets you send to it but cannot use the built-in Retweet icon to automatically share them. This doesn’t prevent anyone from downloading or taking screenshots of the tweets, but it does not stop them from downloading any content.
Twitter’s guidelines for testing the site make it clear that the public cannot see your tweets. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t rules. Elon is not the site’s owner yet. You can still be banned for violating its rules or abusive behavior. The feature has been in development since at least last spring. It was launched with “Trusted Friends” branding and “Facet”, and earlier this year, with the name “Flock.”
The only people who have access to Twitter Circle are the few. They can only create one Circle and the only person who created it can see the list. They can access the feature across iOS, Android, as well as the web. You can’t delete yourself from a Circle. However, you can still mute a discussion that takes up too much time on your timeline.

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