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The Best Smart Light Bulbs of 2022

What to SEARCH FOR in a good Bulb in 2022
Best Smart Bulb Overall: Philips Hue
Best Budget Smart Bulb: Wyze Bulb
Best Outdoor Smart Bulb: Ring Wired Floodlight
Best Smart Bulb for Google Assistant: “C” by GE
Best Smart Bulb For Amazon Alexa: Sengled Smart Bulb
Best Smart Bulb For Apple HomeKit: Sylvania Smart +
Best Color Smart Bulb: Lifx Mini
Best Wi-Fi Smart Bulb: Sengled Smart Wi-Fi LED LAMP
Best Bluetooth Smart Bulb: Govee Smart Bulb
What to SEARCH FOR in a good Bulb in 2022Among home gadgets it is possible to control together with your phone, smart lights have already been around for some time. Fortunately, which means that they’ve not merely gotten more complex but less expensive aswell steadily.There are three primary considerations when searching for smart bulbs. The foremost is if the bulb produces white or colored light-or both. In general, white-only lights will be a little cheaper than colored lights, but both styles are tuneable by way of a selection of light temperatures and brightness levels generally.The second consideration is due to the receptivity included in the bulb. Every one of the bulbs on our list connect via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, a hub, or some mix of all three. In case a bulb connects only via Bluetooth, it’s vital that you understand that you’ll only have the ability to control it if you are inside a specific range. Alternatively, with Wi-Fi-connected or hub bulbs, you could have usage of your lighting irrespective of where you are during your smartphone.Finally, you’ll desire to consider platforms. These full days, most-but not all-smart bulbs hook up to the major voice assistant platforms: Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Apple HomeKit. When you have one of these brilliant ecosystems established in your house already, you’ll desire to make certain the bulbs work very well with it.It’s also advisable to remember that smart bulbs can provide you an excellent amount of control over your room’s ambiance. If you’d like the capability to turn lamps on / off either when you wish or in accordance with a specific schedule, you can consider investing in a smart plug.RELATED: THE VERY BEST Smart Plugs of 2021Best Smart Bulb Overall: Philips HuePhilipsPros✓ Bright whites and vivid colors which are almost infinitely adjustable✓ Integrates with Amazon Alexa and Google AssistantCons✗ Bulbs are being among the most expensive✗ Hub must make best use of ecosystemOne of the initial entrants to the smart bulb arena, Philips has consistently led in the area with an array of lighting products which are reliable, an easy task to setup, bright, and vivid. So it’s no real surprise our pick for the very best smart lamp is the Philips Hue Color and White Ambiance.Hue bulbs used to need a special Hue hub, but Philips is building their bulbs with Bluetooth accessibility now, in order to control and link around 10 bulbs without needing the hub with a smartphone app. The bulbs integrate with Google and Alexa for voice control also, and adding them to a hub enables you to link around 50 lights and obtain even deeper control of one’s home’s lighting.RELATED: How exactly to Add ALTERNATIVE PARTY Smart Bulbs to Your Philips Hue SystemAdding the Philips hub enables you to group your lights by rooms or zones, which really is a handy feature as you obtain deeper right into a smart lighting ecosystem. It lets you sync your lights to movies also, gaming, or music, also it provides the capability to simulate your presence if you are away by turning lights on / off across your house. As the hub can be an additional cost, it is possible to often buy it in a package with bulbs that virtually zeros out the trouble.Philips Hue bulbs are one of the most expensive available on the market, but there is absolutely no better option for creating a whole smart lighting system. Having said that, if you wish to dabble with smart lighting-rather than bathing your house in it-our budget pick might suit you better.Best Smart Bulb Overall

Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance
Offering from tunable white lights to colored lights that may cycle through 16 million colors, Philips Hue bulbs earn our top spot for quality, product range, and flexibility.Best Budget Smart Bulb: Wyze BulbWyzePros✓ Affordable and reliable✓ Easy, intuitive app makes setup simple✓ Can integrate with Wyze’s larger smart home ecosystemCons✗ Separate bulbs necessary for white and color✗ Doesn’t integrate with Apple HomeKitWhile you may be in a position to save some more dollars on a straight cheaper smart bulb, the Wyze Bulb wins our pick because the best budget bulb since it comes from a trusted brand with a brief history of earning quality, affordable smart products. An individual white bulb costs just $12, and a color-changing bulb will run you merely under $16.For that bargain price, the colors could be controlled by you, temperatures, and brightness of one’s lights utilizing a smartphone app, and you may assign different lights into different groups. It is possible to elect to set your lights on “Vacation Mode also,” that may lead them to start and off utilizing a variable schedule that mimics someone’s presence in your house if you are away.Additionally, Wyze will undoubtedly be releasing a door sensor called “Sense” that may make your lights seriously or set off whenever a door is opened or closed, plus all of the bulbs integrate with Google and Alexa for voice control. Because Wyze is getting into the smart security market, you start with some of its smart bulbs is a superb way to commence to assemble the apparatus you’d have to make your complete home smarter and safer.Best Budget Smart Bulb

Wyze Bulb
Wyze bulbs are smart bulbs that may be adjusted in temperature and brightness, in addition to hook up to either Amazon Google or Alexa Assistant.RingPros✓ Impressive choices for wired and solar-powered outdoor lights✓ Can integrate with Ring’s larger security ecosystem✓ Works great with Amazon’s Alexa voice assistantCons✗ Requires Ring hub or Amazon Alexa to operate✗ Fails with Google Assistant or Apple HomeKit✗ Wired version could require professional installationRing, an Amazon-owned company, may be most famous because of its video doorbell, however the company supplies a dizzying selection of smart outdoor lighting solutions also. Our top select from the ongoing company is its wired outdoor motion-sensing floodlight. Sturdy it’s, bright, and affordable relatively. Even though Wired Floodlight shall cost a little more to install compared to the solar versions, the latter has issues running out of power rather than being as programmable because the wired models. Easier to pay just a little extra for the reliability it’s.All Ring products need a hub or bridge, which may be purchased with the bulbs as a starter kit that saves you some money. As an Amazon company, the lights only integrate with Amazon Alexa, if you have another voice assistant ecosystem in the house and voice control of one’s lighting is vital, you’ll have to select a different setup.Best Outdoor Smart Bulb

Ring Wired Floodlight
With a variety of solar-powered outdoor lights, Ring leads the true way in bringing smart lighting outdoors. Spotlights and pathway lights could be linked with a Ring bridge to create different routines and alert one to movement.Best Smart Bulb for Google Assistant: “C” by GEGEPros✓ Affordable✓ Turns Google Assistant and Nest devices into hub✓ Offers Bluetooth option aswell without hub requiredCons✗ Requires Google Nest or Home device for offsite control✗ Rebranding causing some confusion in product line✗ Not section of a more substantial smart home ecosystem“C” bulbs by lighting icon GE can be purchased in three varieties. You can find soft white lights that may be brightened and dimmed, tunable white bulbs that allow temperature is changed by you of the lights, and color-changing bulbs offering an incredible number of color options.The C by GE bulbs can be found in two varieties of connectivity also. It is possible to pick from standard Smart Bulbs, which connect via Bluetooth and for that reason don’t require a hub, or Direct Connect Smart Bulbs, which are Wi-Fi-based and may use Google Nest or Assistant devices as a hub.You can set your lighting to a schedule with either bulb type, and lighting scenes could be chosen from the roster of preset picks or saved from user-generated mixes. Accessing the bulbs beyond your Google is necessary by the house hub, that will allow voice control of either the Bluetooth- or Wi-Fi-enabled bulbs.Alexa-enabled devices may be used as a hub also, but limited to the Wi-Fi version of the bulbs. If you are using an Alexa hub, there’s another option that’s much better.Tip: “C” by GE bulbs are now rebranded as “Cync” by GE. At the proper time of writing, those bulbs are difficult to find still, so we’ve made a decision to feature the more available “C” bulbs as our choice in this category widely. We’ll update these details as needed.Best Smart Bulb For Google Assistant

C by GE
Connect GE’s smart bulb to a Google Nest or Google Assistant device, and you may set schedules, turn lights on / off, and control one’s body from anywhere.SingledPros✓ Very affordable✓ Impressive selection of bulbs with dual functions✓ Forms its mesh network with out a hubCons✗ Needs Amazon Echo or Sengled smart hub for full functionality✗ Could be tricky to pair when setting upSengled has Bluetooth bulbs that form their very own mesh network utilizing an Amazon Echo device because the hub. This network together links the bulbs, causing them to serve as repeaters in order that even the bulb that’s farthest from your Echo can be controlled via voice. If you don’t have Amazon Alexa or an Echo create yet, you can buy a Sengled hub which allows full functionality.What’s more, Sengled makes a dizzying selection of smart bulbs for just about any function you may want. This consists of bulbs with built-in speakers, the ones that will continue to work in a blackout because of a battery backup, and ones which have built-in timers-just to mention a few.In addition, Sengled bulbs are affordable highly, as it’s possible to get an impressive selection of high-quality smart bulbs at under $10, when purchasing them individually even. Sengled allows you to deck out your house in smart bulbs!Best Smart Bulb for Amazon Alexa

Sengled Smart Bulb
You’d need to have a lot of lamps that you experienced, but it is possible to connect around 64 of the tunable smart bulbs through the use of an Amazon hub. Best Smart Bulb For Apple HomeKit: Sylvania Smart +SylvaniaPros✓ Exclusively created for Apple HomeKit✓ Easy integration and control with Siri✓ Relatively affordable for an Apple-related productCons✗ Fails with other voice assistants✗ Offsite control requires using Apple device as hubThis smart bulb from Sylvania is among the few made explicitly for integration with Apple HomeKit. Using Bluetooth, it’s possible to quickly setup and control these bulbs from your iPhone when you are in the home. Then, when you wish to expand usage of your lighting from beyond your true home, all you have to to accomplish is use your iPad, AppleTV, or HomePod as a hub, and you’ll be all set.Color, soft white, and Edison bulbs can be found, and each is changeable utilizing the Sylvania Smart Home App. You can certainly do the most common scheduling and grouping of one’s bulbs, and you may use bulbs as visual alarms also, causing them to flash to remind you when it’s time and energy to execute a particular activity and never have to use an obtrusive audio alert.Gadgets and gear in the Apple ecosystem aren’t probably the most affordable usually, so we just like the reasonable price of the Sylvania smart bulbs also, which come within $20 for white bulbs. It’s a good financial relief as you upgrade the others of one’s HomeKit smart home.Best Smart Bulb for Apple HomeKit

Sylvania Smart +
Sylvania’s smart bulb integrates well with Apple HomeKit, letting you use AppleTV, an iPad, or HomePod to regulate it.Best Color Smart Bulb: Lifx MiniLifxPros✓ Extremely vivid and impressive selection of colors✓ One bulb provides both tunable white and colored light✓ Works together with all major voice assistantsCons✗ Bulbs will get hot on brightest setting✗ Unusual shape may possibly not be befitting all lampshadesMany smart bulbs say they will have an incredible number of colors, but Lifx goes one step with vast amounts of colors farther. It’s a difficult claim to verify pretty, but the simple truth is these bulbs do indeed have an excellent selection of colors that fill your room with sharp, vivid light. Our top pick because of this category may be the 1100 lumen bulb-which means it could get impressively bright-but it is possible to save yourself some cash but still enjoy vivid, colorful light choosing instead the business ’s 800-lumen bulb.Lifx bulbs deliver all you’d expect from smart bulbs, like the capability to tune, schedule, group, use different presets to create the mood, and they also could be controlled with Siri, Alexa, or Google Assistant. No hub needed!Lifx offers smart bulbs which will beam out invisible infrared light to supply any smart cameras in the area the capability to pick up videos more clearly. So, stepping in to the Lifx ecosystem could be a wise move if you’re filming a whole large amount of video content. Just ensure that the smart light can easily fit into your lampshade, because the wider bulb may not work in slimmer lamps.Best Color Smart Bulb

Lifx Mini
With plenty of compliments regarding their brightness and vivid color output, Lifx’s smart bulbs are a straightforward recommendation.SingledPros✓ Affordable✓ No hub needed✓ 25,000 working hoursCons✗ Only supports 2.4GHz Wi-FiThe Sengled Smart Wi-Fi LED LAMP is remarkably like the standard Sengled Smart Bulb also entirely on this list-the only major difference is its compatibility with Wi-Fi networks. Which means you’ll get yourself a nifty smartphone app for enhanced control still, support for both Amazon Google and Alexa Assistant, and the capability to schedule your lighting preferences. On top of that, you don’t require a central hub even, because the bulbs could be controlled from your own phone directly. Many users just like the capability to power on smart bulbs remotely simply, but they are also dimmable from 1 to 100%, of day rendering it no problem finding a setting that fits your preferences whatever the time. And if you like something a little more festive, it is possible to spring for the color-changing model that provides yet functionality because the white bulb.The largest drawback to Sengled’s Smart Wi-Fi LED LAMP is the insufficient 5GHz support. Which means you’ll must make sure you’re owning a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network, although most households shouldn’t come across any problems with this requirement.Sengled says you may expect around 25,000 working hours out of an individual bulb, positioning them among the longest-lasting smart bulbs available on the market. Considering they’re not too pricey (and will often be entirely on sale), these Wi-Fi compatible bulbs certainly are a great deal surprisingly.Best Wi-Fi Smart Bulb

Sengled Smart Wi-Fi LED LAMP
Although it lacks support for 5GHz networks, the Sengled Smart Wi-Fi LAMP is really a versatile choice for a Wi-Fi compatible smart bulb.GoveePros✓ No hub or router needed✓ Can sync to music✓ Light color could be selected from photosCons✗ Can’t control once beyond Bluetooth range✗ No voice control availableGovee is among the major players in the smart bulb scene, and a reputation is had because of it for putting out affordable, reliable, and high-quality smart gadgets. The company’s smart bulbs are no exception.Because of the Govee Home app, these Bluetooth-enabled bulbs could be set up super fast, and you may link around six of these into individual groups. There is also built-in microphones that allow colors flash to the beat of one’s music have sunrise/sunset options that produce the bulbs dim and brighten with the pattern of sunlight.One exciting feature of the Govee bulbs is that, utilizing the app, it is possible to pick any color from any photo on your own phone and the bulb shall beam out matching light. Plus, because these bulbs all ongoing work over Bluetooth, there is absolutely no hub needed.Combine these features with a cost point under $15, also it becomes clear why we chose these as our best Bluetooth pick. These bulbs also create a stronger runner-up inside our Best Budget category aswell.Best Bluetooth Smart Bulb

Govee LED Strip Lights
Govee smart bulbs work over Bluetooth, which means you need not be worried about bridge or router compatibility. From there, you create routines and do the rest of the things smart bulbs are recognized for.THE VERY BEST Smart Plugs of 2021

Best Overall Smart Plug

Best Budget Smart Plug

Best Outdoor Smart Plug

Best Amazon Alexa Smart Plug

Best Google Assistant Smart Plug

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