Office software packages are not only highly functional, but also free to download. The most famous software of this type is OpenOffice.

The next update was released in October of this year, and although the release of the new version was not covered in advertising, there were a lot of people who wanted to download the package. The developers claim that the latest package contains everything you need to work with documents.

Therefore, if you still use MS Office Word, our review will help you take an objective look at the free version and, perhaps, even replace the usual program with a more functional one.

What’s new?

1) Full language support. After downloading the Russian version, you get a fully Russified package with a spell check function.

2) The overall interface remains the same, but there are new icons for commands in the toolbar.

3) In the lower-right corner of the screen, the Writer text editor has a convenient slider for changing the document scale.

4) Improved the function of viewing comments to the document. It will be especially useful for users who are working on the same text at the same time. For clarity, comments from different users are colored in separate colors.

All the updates described above relate to the most popular application – the writer text editor. But other apps have also been improved by developers. For example, the program for working with tables Calc added the number of rows available for work, and also added the ability to open access to editing to other users.

The Impress presentation software has now acquired the ability to insert tables that previously could only be added as Calc objects. The developers also made it much easier to crop images. Overall, OpenOffice I have not acquired too many innovations, but they are all quite convenient and functional.