Wednesday October 05, 2022

Pinterest Announces New Activations in Mental Health Month and New In-App Support Resources

This content can be found in our Mind Your Wellness group board, including our newest Pinterest Havens: A Whole Mood. The latter is also the focus of a new, immersive experience in the real world, with a Pinterest bringing its haven to life in New York. These content can be found on our Mind Your Wellness group board, which also includes our newest Pinterest Havens, A Whole Mood. The activation will feature six different installations and speakers such as Kenneth Cole, Stop the Shame founder Shanti das, and experts from HealHaus.
Pinterest’s first Compassionate Search was launched in 2019. It provides links to a variety of interactive activities and tools that help Pinners connect to supportive resources when they search for related terms. For example, if a Pinner searches for content that suggests they might be feeling down, such as “sad quotes” and “work anxiety”, they will be prompted to ask if they would like to be guided through steps to practice Self-Compassion. Users can also find the same resources by searching the hashtag #PinterestWellbeing.Mental Health Awareness Month is an increasingly important event, as we work to remove the stigmas associated with mental health, and help more people find the help and support that they need. Many mental health issues have been exacerbated due to the pandemic. Users can also search the hashtag #PinterestWellbeing to find the same resources.

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