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Niagara Launcher Is the Best Android Launcher for Big Phones

Niagara LauncherPhones are huge. This consists of the iPhone, but Android phones have become big especially. Thankfully, Android enables you to make use of different home display launchers. For those who have one of these brilliant large cell phones, you should provide Niagara Launcher a go.While it could be nice to get a large display screen certainly, it’s hard to attain everything with one hands. Niagara Launcher is quite not the same as most home display launchers. Its vertical design makes it easier to open up an app with just one single hand-among other great functions.RELATED: Niagara Professional Android Launcher Examine: A FRESH Undertake HomescreensHome Display screen ReimaginedWhat pieces Niagara Launcher aside from additional launchers will be its vertical design. Usually, home screens location icons in a grid. That’s the typical practice we’ve noticed on mobile phones going all of the real in the past to the initial iPhone.The problem with this particular layout on big phones is you can’t reach the complete grid with one hand. You can shift the icons to create them reachable quickly, but you’re wasting a lot of screen room then. Niagara Launcher solves this by placing the apps in a vertical listing.Here’s how I’ve my home display screen create with Niagara Launcher. Because the apps come in a vertical checklist, the contact targets period across the majority of the display. It’s a breeze to launch a good app with 1 hand holding the telephone just. The Google Lookup shortcut in underneath right is quite reachable also.Advertisement
Here’s what exactly the same apps and widgets would appear to be on a far more typical house screen launcher. I’ve exactly the same quantity of empty display screen room, but Niagra organizes everything in a more consistent and cleaner method.One-Handed App LaunchingPerhaps a very important thing which makes Niagara Launcher ideal for huge phones may be the “app drawer.” We place “app drawer” in quotations because it’s completely different from nearly all app drawers.Generally, you’ll tap an icon to open the app drawer and scroll by way of a grid of icons. Niagra Launcher gets the alphabet privately of the house display and you will merely drag your finger along over it to get the apps under that letter.
Not merely is this super slick, nonetheless it is made because of it easy to release apps with one hand. It is possible to drag your finger along either aspect of the display screen and quickly draw up the app you need. It’s oriented nearer to underneath of the display also, improving the reachability further.Easy Usage of Important NotificationsThe very last thing I like related to using Niagra Launcher in big phones is definitely how it creates notifications better to reach. Initial, it is possible to simply swipe straight down on the real home display screen to pull lower the notification shade. You need to reach the very best of the display don’t.More importantly, you could have notifications arrive on the apps on the real home screen. You can view just a little preview and swipe directly on it to expand the entire notification and also take action onto it.Advertisement
You place your most regularly used apps on the house screen probably, so this helps make those important notifications super easy to accessibility. Talking about used things generally, you can even put a media widget on the real home display screen for quick controls.Huge phones need a small imagination to create them simpler to use. Niagara Launcher is really a refreshing brand-new undertake Android home display launchers. It requires a little used to, but if it’s distributed by you time, you’ll figure out how to love it also it shall become following nature.RELATED: The 7 Best Google android LaunchersREAD NEXT
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