Sunday November 27, 2022

Netflix’s Chicken Run sequel will be a three-piece family deal

After years of Chicken Runfans speculating whether the stop-motion film would ever be remade, Netflix finally said “yes” last summer. However, they were tight-lipped about key details such as who will be reprising their roles. Netflix also shared some new information about the sequel and a glimpse at the movie’s main character. Dawn of the Nugget is set some time after the original film. It sees Ginger (Thandiwe) and Rocky (Zachary Levi), settling down on an idyllic island without humans, where they feel secure enough to start a family. Although the chickens are thrilled to have a daughter Molly (Bella Ramsey), their wanderlust soon leads to conflict with their parents. She is intrigued by the dangers of the mainland and her curiosity about it.
Although Levi, Ramsey, and Newton are all newcomers in the Chicken Run franchise, Jane Horrocks, Imelda Stanton, and Lynn Ferguson will be joining them. They were the voice actors for the chickens Babs and Hunty in the first film. Josie Sedgwick–Davies will play Edie, David Bradley will portray Fowler, Romesh Rangeanathan will play Nick, Daniel Mays Fletcher, Nick Mohammed as Dr. Fry.
Nick Park, the creator and director of Wallace & Gromit.NetflixIn addition to the Chicken Run news, Netflix announced that it is moving forward with another Wallace & Gromit movie co-directed and produced by Merlin Crossingham and Nick Park, Wallace & Gromit creators. The story of Wallace & Gromit’s new invention, a “smart gnome”, is described in a press release. It focuses on what happens when it gains sentience and begins to wreak havoc on its creator and Gromit’s quiet lives.
Although there are no details yet about when Wallace & Gromit’s next Wallace & Gromit movie will be released, Chicken Run: Dawn of the Nugget will be available on Netflix in 2023.

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