Thursday September 29, 2022

LinkedIn adds live captions for audio events, custom URL listings on creator profiles

We are making audio events more accessible and inclusive for members with hearing impairments by adding real-time captions. We are making audio events more accessible for people with hearing impairments by adding real-time captions. Really, audio meet-ups like this probably fit better on LinkedIn than in other apps, as the professional focus of the platform may make them more relevant and topical, while more people are likely looking to catch up with those in their industry amid the WFH shift.Discovery of LinkedIn’s audio events remains somewhat problematic, but maybe, if this can be enhanced, and more users can be alerted to potentially relevant rooms as they happen, it could end up being a highly valuable element of the LinkedIn experience.Leaning into the discovery aspect, LinkedIn’s also launching a four-week interactive series of real-timeconversations to help LinkedIn members ‘build the kinds of skills that can help them advance their careers’. From May 18th through June 8th, learners can ask questions, share their experiences, and engage in conversations with amazing instructors on topics such as Reinventing yourself or Making better decisions with Dan Ariely. This could help raise awareness about LinkedIn’s live events. It seems like LinkedIn may need a separate tab to display its live events in real time, but it is possible to search for ‘LinkedIn Learning Live” in the app. This could be a great way to raise awareness of LinkedIn’s events, while also showcasing LinkedIn Learning instructors, helping to raise awareness about the platform’s wider educational offerings. To find posts you haven’t seen before, you can use the ‘Events filter to search by topic. We also made it easier for members to re-discover posts that they’ve seen. You can search for something you’ve seen on Feed by searching with the creator’s name or keywords in the post. It may help, but it doesn’t seem like a significant update. LinkedIn has also made some improvements to its Services listings. Service providers can now share enhanced reviews with their network. LinkedIn has allowed Service providers to display customer reviews starting in August 2013. However, this enhanced display will make it easier to view these comments in-stream by profile visitors. We know that word of mouth is a key way for providers to find new clients and grow their businesses. Clients should also help to validate which service provider is the best. Service providers can increase the impact of one review and get word-of-mouth recommendations from their community by sharing reviews in their feed. This could be hugely helpful for those who use LinkedIn to find business leads. This could prove to be a huge benefit to service providers looking to attract business leads using LinkedIn. With LinkedIn continuing to experience’record levels’ of engagement and the post-pandemic recovery accelerating, it might be worth taking the time for these new options to learn how to best make use of them.

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