Sunday December 04, 2022

Google brings Android Apps to Windows for a Few

Google During the 2021 Game Award, the Google Play team took to the stage to announce Google Play Games on Windows PCs. This standalone application, separate from the Microsoft App Store, will allow you to download Android games from Google Play. You can also share purchased games among all your devices. Google Play Games is now in a very limited beta. Users from South Korea, Taiwan, and Hong Kong can request beta access to Google Play Games. If you are not from these countries, you will have to wait until Google opens beta access in your area. (We are trying to sign up using a VPN. We will update this article if it succeeds.
The Google Play Games PC software is our first real look. Google
Mobile games can be downloaded, browsed, and played on PCs by players. It works with your Google Play Games profile so you don’t lose your progress or achievements while switching between devices. Play Points can also earned for Google Play Games activity on computers.

The Amazon app store integrated into Windows 11’s Microsoft Store is technically more robust than Google Play Games. It contains real apps such as Instagram and TikTok, and not just Android games. Google Play Games is available for Windows 10, not Windows 11.
If you are an Android gamer, Google Play Games on Windows is a good choice. Let’s suppose you have an Android version of Stardew Valley, and now want to play it on your PC. Instead of purchasing a second copy, log in to your Google account to install it free through Google Play Games.
Google has announced that developers can now add keyboard or mouse support to their Android apps for Windows users. However, Google has not yet announced when it will open a beta version of Google Play Games for the U.S. or other countries.
Source: Google

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