Tuesday October 04, 2022

ESPN Plus streams the first NFL game on October 30th

The NFL signed new broadcasting agreements last year that included a package of digital distribution streaming rights for Disney, Amazon, NBCUniversal, Fox (Tubi) and CBS (Paramount Plus). The agreement between the NFL and Disney included an exclusive international game that ESPN Plus streaming will have access to, beginning with the 2022 season. Now they have announced that the Broncos vs. Jaguars matchup will take place in London on October 30th. However, since it is a restricted international match, it makes Disney’s streaming bundle less attractive than anything Star Wars or Marvel-related.

Just Announced The first-ever @ESPNPlus exclusive NFL game pic.twitter.com/RV10VMif2X– ESPN PR (@ESPNPR) May 4, 2022

Gambling is the one thing that could make sports streaming more viable than Trevor Lawrence’s development as a quarterback.
Bob Chapek, Disney CEO, has openly mentioned that sports betting (alongside gaming and, uh… the metaverse) is an opportunity for Disney. A report from CNBC last year indicated that it could be a way of increasing the value ESPN Plus. This is especially interesting as ESPN2 will be releasing the traditional NFL schedule on May 12th at 8PM ET. ESPN Plus will air Between the Lines with breakdowns from its sports betting show Daily Wager and fantasy football commentators.

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