Thursday February 09, 2023

BMW will charge $18 per Month for heated seats in selected regions

Even connected cars are now adopting the subscription model. According to The Verge, BMW drivers in certain countries will need to pay $18 per monthly for heated seats. The option to add front-seat heating to your BMW ConnectedDrive store in the United Kingdom or Germany, South Korea, New Zealand, South Africa, and South Africa is available as an optional upgrade. For an additional monthly fee, you can get automatic high beams (roughly $12) and steering wheel heating (12). BMW drivers in these countries will not have to take their cars into a service shop to have the features installed. The hardware is already installed. Drivers will only need to pay an additional fee to activate them via an over-the air software upgrade on BMW ConnectedDrive. They can also pay for additional features that are locked behind an annual subscription such as safety camera alerts ($30), and access to an online library ($213 per year). Although BMW has not yet announced plans to add heated seats in its ConnectedDrive store in the United States of America, microtransactions are not completely unknown to BMW drivers in the country. Apple CarPlay was an annual fee that the company charged $80, which caused backlash. It eventually stopped charging this fee. The pay-per-feature model in the US is still alive and well. BMW drivers must pay $50 per year to access ConnectedDrive, and $200 per year to update their navigation maps. Our editorial team selects all products recommended by Engadget, independently of our parent company. Some stories contain affiliate links. We may earn an affiliate commission if you purchase something through one these links.

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