Thursday September 29, 2022

YouTube restores Lofi Girl account after false copyright claims

After two popular radio streams, one of which had been streaming non-stop for over two years, bogus copyright claims forced the YouTube account to be taken offline. The second stream featured calm hip-hop beats and is now back online. The owner of Lofi Girl, which streams relaxing ambient music since 2017, announced in a tweet that the streams were relaunched following a nearly 48-hour break. FMC Music, a Malaysian music label, was the source of the DMCA claims. YouTube received a counterclaim form Lofi Girl’s creators and concluded that FMC Music had no rights to the music. YouTube responded to Lofi girl’s request that the streams be restored by tweeting that it was sorry and thanked for its patience. You can update your settings here and then reload this page to view it. FMC Music claims that it was also a victim of this whole affair. Malaysiakini reported that hackers had accessed the label’s YouTube account in order to file the copyright infringement lawsuit. A spokesperson for the label said that the hacker did this. The record label claimed that it reported the incident directly to Google. Its YouTube account has since been restored to online service. Lofi Girl fans were enraged by the fake claim filed by the record label. A Reddit thread on r/Malaysia entitled, “Who the hell is FMC Music Sdn Bhd Malaysia and why did they copywrite strike lofi girl?”, a depressed fan urged others to “make some noise” on the record label’s socials. Reddit thread r/Malaysia: “Who the hell was FMC Music Sdn Bhd Malaysia? Why did they copywrite strike Lofi Girl?” A depressed fan encouraged others to “make noise” on the label’s socials. I was listening to lofi girls while studying before their streams were taken down by FMC Music Sdn Bhd Malaysia. Their livestreams are now unavailable in Malaysia. The user asked what gives them the right take down the best YouTube channel. Bungie, the game creator, decided to sue one creator after they allegedly filed almost 100 fake copyright claims. Lofi Girl pointed out that a 2020 accidental takedown also took the account offline and demanded a stronger vetting process at YouTube for DMCA claims. “This event has shed light on an underlying issue on the platform: It is 2022, there are countless smaller creators, many of them engaging in this discussion that continue to be hit daily with these false claims on videos and livestreams,” Lofi Girl wrote in tweet. All products recommended by Engadget were selected by our editorial staff, independent of our parent company. Some stories contain affiliate links. We may earn an affiliate commission if you purchase something through one these links.

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