Thursday September 29, 2022

Xbox mobile app allows you to share game content in Snapchat-style Stories

Microsoft has announced that the Xbox mobile app will be updated on Android and iOS to allow you to share your game moments using Snapchat-style Stories. The new sharing format is compatible with all gameplay clips, screenshots, achievements, and other content. To access the new sharing format, tap the “+” button beside your gamertag on Xbox’s home screen. Your profile will now show content for 72 hours. Xbox is also getting new network management tools. Stories were a big trend a few years ago. Every app, from Instagram to LinkedIn to Spotify, copied the format in their respective apps. The trend seems to have waned recently as the focus shifts to TikTok-style scrolling news feeds. However, I can see why Stories makes sense here — Videogames are visual mediums and Stories are a great way to show full-screen imagery. It’s awkward to see a landscape video on a tiny portion of a portrait screen in Microsoft’s imagery.
The new QoS options. Image: Microsoft

Microsoft has announced a new Quality of Service (QoS), tagging feature for Xbox consoles. It prioritizes traffic that is sensitive to network congestion such as multiplayer gaming or partychat. It can be accessed in the Advanced section under the Network settings menu. Microsoft’s support page states that the feature must be supported by your ISP network or home router, and warns that it may cause problems with certain networks.
Microsoft announced that Stories is now available in Australia and will soon be available in other regions.

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