Sunday December 04, 2022

Will the iPhone 14 Pro ditch the Notch in favor of a Pill-Shaped Cutout

Ian ZelboIt is the start of a new year, so rumors are beginning to swirl about the design of the next iPhone. What’s the one feature everyone will be most curious about? The camera notch… or, in this case, the lack thereof. A mockup by Ian Zelbo, based on all the latest rumors, suggests that the iPhone 14 Pro may be changing things up with a smaller pill-shaped cutout. This would allow it to move past the large, outdated notch. It’s quite amazing! It looks great! The design has been really improved! Below is a comparison of how it looks with the iPhone 13:

Here’s a mockup of the latest iPhone 14 Pro rumors. This is a mockup of the latest iPhone 14 Pro rumors.
Ian Zelbo (@RendersbyIan), January 10, 2022

The Face ID cameras will likely move underneath the smartphone’s display. All that’ll be contained within that pill-shaped cutout is the front-facing camera. Apple hopes to make better use the screen real estate that it will free up with this new design. This includes showing more information up top and notifications. Another source claimed recently that they were able to confirm the simple hole punch design of the iPhone 14 Pro models.

I can confirm information about a hole punch camera that will be used on the pro iPhone models. The display will have Face ID hardware. This change will not affect the functionality of these sensors, which should calm any fears.
— Dylan (@dylandkt), January 6, 2022

We’re excited to see this beautiful design in the new iPhone model this year. The official release of the iPhone 14 is expected to occur sometime in September. We’ll keep you posted with all the latest iPhone 14 rumors.
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