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Why the PlayStation VR2 Doesn’t Live Up to the Hype

SonySony officially announced PlayStation VR 2 (PSVR2) The features include OLED display, eye-tracking, and immersive sensory features. These are the features you would expect from a leader in the industry. I believe the whole thing will fail. The Japanese tech giant is entering a highly competitive market with strong competition, and it is doing so with its metaphorical arms tied behind his back. The current king of virtual castles is the Meta (formerly Oculus). Quest 2. Over 10 million Quest 2s were sold as of November 2021. The stand-alone headset is extremely popular across all platforms. Just under 40% of all Steam VR games can be played on a Meta Quest 2. Although the PSVR2 is a superior headset, there are some reasons why it won’t be as popular as the Quest. Table of Contents It will be very expensive
Reliance on the PS5 could limit the PS2

The Wire Feels like a Step Back

Strong Competition for the PSVR2

Is the PSVR2 doomed?

It will be very expensive Sony. The headset may not be the most expensive, but the overall cost is going to be quite high. The original PSVR cost $399, which is $100 more than the basic Meta Quest 2. The PSVR2 was $100 more expensive than the basic Meta Quest 2. If you want to be a part of Sony’s virtual world, you might need to spend at least $1,000. This is more than the high-end headsets, and you’re getting into Quest plus PCVR territory when you consider what PlayStation 5 consoles actually sell for. This could cause people to pause and think. They will have a choice of a lower-cost Meta Quest 2 or a more expensive, but likely better PC-based option. The PSVR2 Sony could be limited by reliance on the PS5 There are also workarounds for Meta to land an exclusive game that you wish to play on an HTC Vive. Sideloading, which allows you to add a variety of fan-created and experimental games to your Quest, is also available. Sony has not confirmed that the PSVR2 will work with PSVR games. Although PCs have a smaller advantage than consoles these days, the almost unlimited backwards compatibility of PCs is a positive. You’ll likely find a headset that works with your computer in 10 years. This will allow you to run a Walking Dead Saints and Sinners save and continue where you left off. You can also port older non-VR titles into VR. It may be a problem for the PSVR2 long-term because it is an accessory and not a standalone item. The majority of PlayStation owners bought their console for this type of gaming. The novelty may wear off, and the headset may be replaced by the controller. As stated above, if you don’t have a PlayStation 5, it is unlikely that your PSVR headset will work. The original PSVR was a huge success, selling over five million units. There are currently less than ten times the number of PlayStation 4 consoles available on the market than there are PlayStation 5 units. The original PSVR launched with 50 million PS4s. The PS5 is a distant second, with 13.5 million units sold. The Wire Feels like a Step Back Despite its cutting-edge features, your PSVR2 will need to be wired to your console. Not all headsets are wireless, but both the Quests and Vive are. You can also purchase wireless adapters for headsets such as the Vive, which are not tied to your ceiling. You might not be able to use VR effectively if the wire is too long. If your PC is in a small space in your home, but your garage is large enough, you can still use VR with your headset by connecting it over the Wi-Fi network. It can be annoying to have to move a TV and PlayStation around with you. Immersion can also be affected by wires. VR’s ability transport you to another place is its greatest strength. However, a tug on your neck because you’ve become tangled on something can ruin that immersive feeling in a matter of seconds. The PSVR2 could also be designed to focus on sitting-down experiences, rather than room-scale. This would be a shame. While some games can be played sitting down, half the fun of VR is standing up and moving around. The PSVR2 has Strong Competition MetaNo official release date was set. If rumors are true, Sony plans to release the PSVR2 later in the year. Two other high-end headsets, the Meta’s Project Cambria headset and the unnamed Apple VR headset, are expected to hit shelves “later this year”. These devices could be a major competitor to the PSVR2, although details are scarce. Both devices have the backing and support of major tech companies, including the market leader. Meta promised cutting-edge features, even though they didn’t reveal much. These include eye and face tracking, and compact “pancake” lenses to justify its premium price tag. Apple’s headset could have the best visuals available, according to rumors. VR was still a niche product at the time of the original PSVR’s launch. Smartphone-based headsets were the closest thing to standalone headsets, but they weren’t particularly great. Three years later, the original Oculus Quest was born. The original PSVR was the perfect solution to the niche that the Quest would dominate. It was half the cost of other VR headsets and didn’t require a high end gaming PC. It only needed one of the most popular gaming consoles in the world, which 50 million people already owned. The PSVR2 will not have any of these things. It will launch in a world where VR is affordable and easily accessible, with only a fraction of the console’s uptake. Is the PSVR2 doomed? The PSVR2 is the wrong setup for the right time, despite some high-end features. It will likely be constrained by the console requirement, and there is intense competition. There are cheaper options available that can not only provide VR well, but also offer more games and flexibility than the PSVR2. VR enthusiasts already own headsets and those who want to experience VR will use the same ones they used when the original PSVR was released. The PSVR2 is not the best option. You should choose the cheapest and most reliable option.

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