Sunday December 04, 2022

What is Wordle and Why Does Everyone Play It?

fizkes/Shutterstock.comHave you noticed the trend of people posting grid-like emoji on Twitter with the hashtag #wordle? This is the latest time-waster that has gone viral. Here’s how it works and how you can play. Wordle is a daily word game where you have to guess a five letter word in six attempts. It’s easy to play once you get the concept. The fact that it’s only once a day means that your enthusiasm will be drained over a period of weeks or months. There’s no need to download an application. The game is available on both mobile and desktop browsers. You can visit the Wordle website to find the latest version. The Wordle website can be used in any web browser, including Safari or Chrome. The Wordle website is a web app and can be used in any mobile browser such as Safari or Chrome. The letters will change to indicate if any of the letters are in a correct place (green), wrong position (amber), not in the word (gray), or not at all (gray). The game works best when it stokes your sense of deduction, forcing you to rack your brain for words that use a certain set of letters in specific positions.Advertisement
There are some tips you can take away. If you guess a letter, and it turns green or amber, it may appear more times in the puzzle. It is worth keeping this in mind for future attempts. You can’t rule out any letters unless they turn gray. There are only six chances to win, but you can always open a second browser or go incognito. You don’t have to share your solution on Twitter. Wordle will invite you to share your solution. This is how Wordle has become so popular. Click or tap “Share”, and Wordle will copy the solution to the clipboard. You can then paste it into a tweet (if you really want), or any other sharing method you choose.
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