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What is Sideloading and what are the risks?

bymandesigns/Shutterstock.comSideloading is the practice of installing software on a device without using the approved app store or software distribution channel. Sideloading is possible on some devices without modifications, while others require jailbreaking to allow sideloading. You shouldn’t do it either way. This is only one reason why you would want to sideload an application onto your device. Official channels may not have the software the user needs or may not want the app store commission. Sideloading is the only way to get an app that isn’t available in your area. Sideloading can be used to access geo-restricted content. Sideloading applications is a way to avoid paying for illegal copies. However, there are far more legitimate reasons to sideload applications on a device than the legally dubious ones.Sideloading Varies By Platformsattahipbeach/Shutterstock.comEvery device that’s capable of loading applications from a software channel will have its own specific way of sideloading applications. Sideloading applications from Android devices is easy. You can enable sideloading applications from external sources by simply downloading an Android package (APK), and then installing the app.
Things are not so simple on Apple devices. These devices are locked down and cannot be accessed by anyone else. This is where the idea of jailbreaking a device comes. While jailbreaking is legal depends on your state’s copyright laws, it is something that the device manufacturer doesn’t want you to do. Sideloading doesn’t make sense when it comes to desktop computers like Macs, Windows PCs and Linux systems. Because they are open-source systems, anyone can create software for them. Sideloading may have malware risks. All modern versions of these operating systems have built-in app store functionality. This means that software must pass a quality control process before it can be listed. This includes checking that the software doesn’t contain malware or violate privacy practices. These applications could have been modified to contain malware, spyware or other malicious code. However, sideloading apps from trusted sources like the developer is safe. Epic Games’ Fortnite is no longer available on the Google Play Store. However, you can download the Fortnite installer package from them directly. This is safe as long as the app is exactly what it was intended to be and contains no external code.

Sideloading can pose special risks for devices that require jailbreaking. You get automatic maintenance from the store when you download an app from the official store. Sideloading an app will cause it to automatically update the app when it is updated. However, you will need to manually download any newer versions whenever they are released. You can put off updating for as long or as the app stops functioning properly. If you have only one or two apps sideloaded, this is not a problem. However, if you have many, it can be a hassle. Sideloading is not necessarily dangerous unless you are willing to compromise your device’s security. Sideloading is not dangerous unless it puts at risk your device’s security.
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