Sunday December 04, 2022

UK company behind Tom Cruise space film unveils plans to launch space movie studio

A UK-based company, Space Entertainment Enterprise, announced that it will be producing Tom Cruise’s upcoming space film. It also plans to attach a commercial space station builder, Axiom Space to the International Space Station. Axiom Space plans to launch its first module, Axiom Hub 1, into orbit by 2024. The company will then construct the space station, before finally separating it in 2028 from the ISS and making it a free-flying vehicle.
S.E.E. is still attached to the ISS. In December 2024, S.E.E. plans to attach its module to the space station. According to a press release, the module, called SEE-1, will be made available to anyone who wants to live stream or film content in space. The company’s website has animated videos and images showing SEE-1 as a giant white globe. However, there are no designs for the interior.
Although the module will be owned by S.E.E.E. it is being constructed by Axiom Space. According to the S.E.E. According to the S.E.E. press release, it will be a 6-meter-long inflatable module, or almost 20 feet in diameter. S.E.E. It will also allow third parties to use the studio for their own projects, according to S.E.E. S.E.E. did not provide any estimates or costs for the project. It did not provide details on how much it would cost to rent the studio to others.
Axiom’s CEO Michael Suffredini stated that adding a dedicated entertainment venue to Axiom station’s commercial capabilities in SEE-1 will increase the station’s utility and highlight the ranges of opportunities the new economy offers.
Today’s announcement by S.E.E. S.E.E. also revealed itself as the production company behind Tom Cruise’s mystery space movie. NASA announced in 2020 that it was working with the actor to send him to the International Space Station for filming. SpaceX’s Crew Dragon capsule is the vehicle that will transport the actor to space. It is used to ferry astronauts to and fro the ISS.
NASA later confirmed via podcast that Axiom would be helping Tom Cruise get to orbit. Axiom is a space station builder. However, it has also contracted to SpaceX and NASA to purchase rides on SpaceX’s Crew Dragon for private individuals. Axiom’s first private mission on a Crew Dragon by Axiom, called Axiom-1 is scheduled for March. Tom Cruise’s flight is not yet confirmed. What Cruise will film in the cosmos? All that has been reported so far is that Doug Liman, director of Mission: Impossible, is involved.
S.E.E. Producers Elena and Dmitry Lesnevsky co-founded S.E.E. Their company boasts a impressive list of consultants that includes former Viacom and HBO executives. According to the company, it is currently seeking investors for the Tom Cruise space project. Deadline reported that the budget would be at least $200 million.
It’s possible that the budget will be even larger, considering how much it costs to go to space. One SpaceX Crew Dragon seat costs $55 million. NASA also charges additional fees for private astronauts who use the space station’s facilities while in orbit. S.E.E. S.E.E. plans to hold a fundraising round soon.

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