Wednesday October 05, 2022

Twitter introduces new rules to limit duplicate tweets

You know how you can search for tweets that express a questionable opinion and then find millions of copies of that tweet? Twitter has outlined a range possible penalties.
Not recommending tweets to users who don’t follow the tweet author
In replies, downranking tweets
Exclude tweets and/or accounts from email or in-product recommendations
These measures, taken together, will reduce visibility of these tweets. However, they won’t result in account suspensions or Tweet removals. “While copypasta and duplicate Tweets do not result in account suspensions or Tweet removals, they are subjected to review and enforcement under the platform manipulation and spam policy as well as any other Twitter Rules violations.” I don’t know why, but that seems a bit soft. These are spammy, annoying tweets. It’s better to remove them all, but not for every variation. There’s always the chance that two people could tweet exactly the same thing. Maybe after 10 tweets with identical text, it’s enough to suspend or delete that account. Perhaps it’s too much manual work or the risk of false negatives at this stage. But, Twitter is taking stronger action against spambots while still acknowledging their right not to spam.

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