Sunday November 27, 2022

Twitter brings NFTs to the timeline as hexagon-shaped profile pictures

Twitter announced in September that it would add a method for users to authenticate non fungible tokens (NFT) and now the feature has gone live. This is if you have a $2.99 Twitter Blue subscription, and use an iOS device.
Image via Twitter

Image via Twitter
NFT profile photos could be seen as a great technology integration that adds real utility to verified digital items. Alternately, you can use it to signal people you need to block or mute before they try and sell you their blockchain receipts.
No matter your opinion on easily reproduced digital trinkets, Twitter is integrating them. It separates ridiculous images from cartoon apes which have been right-clicked to use as profile pictures from absurd images of cartoon animals that are connected with blockchain tokens. They do this by adding a special “softhe hexagon” shape around them.
Twitter launched support for several crypto wallets. Users can connect to their profiles to verify that their tokens have not been stolen.
Coinbase Wallet
Ledger Live
Trust your wallet
One side effect of restricting its interaction with blockchain to a limited list of approved sources is that information about who owns what isn’t as decentralized as you might think. Jane Manchun Wong, researcher, noted that the OpenSea API was temporarily unavailable. This caused Twitter’s NFT collection pages (which also lost their information) to become unavailable.

This is not acceptable, with all due respect.
This feature is important to #NFTs because it allows you to quickly prove ownership.
You have created a system that allows people to right-click and save & benefit.
Verified collections must be marked ON the hexagon
— Adam Hollander (@HollanderAdam) January 20, 2022

Twitter has a list of wallets but some people feel it isn’t doing enough to verify NFTs’ origin. Adam Hollander points out that Twitter’s hexagon logo and setup only check if an NFT is connected to the user’s wallet. It doesn’t tell viewers if the NFT is verified to belong to a high-profile collection, such as the Bored Ape Yach Club. You could do the same right-click save as above, mint the image and it will appear identical to the profile page of someone who owns the verified image.
Click on your profile picture to see the details. This is the only way to tell if your NFTs actually come from the collection. A fake BAYC toke (like the one shown here) appears at first glance exactly like the official one. Justin Taylor, Twitter’s head for consumer product marketing, says that this is intentional and that they don’t want to restrict this to verified collections. This would be wrong and not supportive of the wider nft movement. Anybody SHOULD be able mint anything and make it their own nft.

What is an NFT?
NFTs enable you to purchase and sell unique digital items, and keep track of who they are owned using the blockchain. NFT is an acronym for “non-fungible token” and can contain any digital item, such as drawings, animated GIFs or songs. An NFT can be unique, such as a real-life painting or one copy of many trading cards. The blockchain tracks who owns the file.
NFTs have been in the news lately with some of them selling for millions of Dollars. High-profile memes such as Nyan Cat or the “deal with It” sunglasses were put up for sale. NFTs are also making headlines due to their huge electricity consumption and negative environmental impact. You can also read our FAQ about NFTs if you have any questions.

This FAQ explains the process and tries to prevent NFT owners from clicking phishing links instead of Twitter’s official ones. It also answers the question of what happens to the NFT in your picture if you decide to sell it. It turns out that Twitter will continue to display the image regardless of what the blockchain says about who it belongs to. However, it will return to a common circular frame instead of the crypto wallet-only hexagon shape.
Click on the hexagon profile pic to find out more information about the person who flashes one of these images. Click on ViewNFT details to view information about the NFT owner, NFT description and collection, as well as additional details.

Are you ready to show off your NFT PFPs? These are the steps to connect your crypto wallet. Let’s show off your NFT PFPs!
— Twitter Blue (@TwitterBlue), January 20, 2022

Update January 21st at 9:11 AMET: Additional information regarding verification or lack thereof for NFTs.

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