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THE VERY BEST Horror, Sci-Fi, and Fantasy Streaming in-may 2022

An example of the things arriving at streaming in-may 2022.Picture: Sony, Netflix, General, WB, ParamountWelcome back again to io9’s regular monthly Nerd’s View, where we pare lower the enormous lists of new movies and tv shows arriving on all of your favorite streaming solutions in to the sci-fi, fantasy, and horror titles we think that you’ll like the majority of.As always, we’re like the best brand-new TV and movies arriving at Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Primary Video clip, Disney+, and HBO Max-as well simply because Paramount+, Shudder, and Peacock. Folks, there could be many streaming services as well.Properly, it’s period for the nice stuff: the very best of what’s streaming in-may 2022. If you’re only thinking about the ongoing providers you sign up to, it is possible to jump right to that web page with one of these links:What’s arriving at Netflix in-may 2022?What’s arriving at Prime Video in-may 2022?What’s arriving at Hulu in-may 2022?
What’s arriving at Disney+ in-may 2022?
What’s arriving at HBO Max in-may 2022?
What’s arriving at Paramount+ in-may 2022?
What’s arriving at Shudder in-may 2022?
What’s arriving at Peacock in-may 2022?
Stranger Things period 4 here’s finally.Image: NetflixWhat’s On Netflix May 1?Corpse BrideRoad to PerditionWar of the WorldsWhat’s On Netflix May 5?The Pentaverate What’s On Netflix might 9?Ghost inside the Shell: SAC_2045 Sustainable WarWhat’s On Netflix May 13?Senior Year What’s On Netflix May 16?Vampire inside the Backyard What’s On Netflix might 20?Love, Loss of life & Robots: Quantity 3 What’s On Netflix May 23?Ghost inside the Shell: SAC_2045: Season 2What’s On Netflix May 27?Stranger Things 4: Quantity 1 What’s On Netflix May 31?Increase of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Time of year 1Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Period 1Industry of Dreams, the rare supernatural sports activities movie, is arriving at Prime.Picture: UniversalWhat’s On Prime Video Might 1?Battleship
Expenses & Ted’s Superb Adventure Costs & Ted’s Bogus JourneyCrank Enemy Of HAWAII Europa Report Industry Of Desires Hitman (2007)Independence Day time The Rage: Carrie 2 Street To Perdition ShrekShrek 2 Tooth Fairy 2
Drag me to Hell. Extremely underrated.Picture: UniversalWhat’s On Hulu May 1?The A-Team (2010)Despicable Me personally Despicable Me 2 Drag Myself To Hell The Legend of Zorro (2005)Ong BakOng Bak 2Ong Bak 3Open up Time of year 2 PleasantvilleThe Polar Show Resident EvilResident Evil: ApocalypseResident Evil: ExtinctionResident Evil: AfterlifeResident Evil: RetributionStuart LittleStuart Small 2Stuart Small 3: Call of the WildSuperhero MovieThe WolfmanZathura: AN AREA AdventureThe Obi-Wan Kenobi present is finally here.Image: LucasfilmWhat’s On Disney+ May 4?Disney Gallery: The Publication of Boba Fett
What’s On Disney+ May 11?Marvel Studios: Assembled – The Getting of Moon KnightWhat’s On Disney+ May 20?Chip ‘n Dale: Rescue RangersWhat’s On Disney+ May 4?Superstar Wars: Obi-Wan KenobiThe polarizing Aged is arriving at Max.Picture: UniversalWhat’s On HBO Max Might 1?47 Ronin
Conan The BarbarianDominoEraser
Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius
Masters Of The UniversePoseidonRugrats Go WildRugrats In Paris: The MovieThe Rugrats MovieSliding DoorsStreet Fighter: The Legend of Chun-LiTerminator 2: Judgment Time (Director’s Lower) UnderworldUnderworld: AwakeningUnderworld: Increase of the LycansZathura: AN AREA AdventureWhat’s On HBO Max Might 10?Catwoman: HuntedThe Matrix: ResurrectionsWhat’s On HBO Max Might 13?OldWhat’s On HBO Max Might 15?The proper time Traveler’s Wife, Series PremiereWhat’s On HBO Max Might 23?Teen Titans Go! Season 7 Component BBram Stoker’s Dracula involves Plus.Picture: SonyWhat’s On Paramount+ May 1?Bram Stoker’s DraculaFreshGalaxy QuestGroundhog DayMarathon ManMission: ImpossibleMission: Out of the question IIMission: Out of the question – Ghost ProtocolPootie TangRoad to PerditionScary MovieScary Film 2Brief CircuitSleepy HollowStar TrekTank GirlThe Addams FamilyThe Fifth ElementThe Poseidon AdventureWar of the WorldsWhat’s On Paramount+ May 5?Celebrity Trek: Strange New Worlds
Contemporary horror masterpiece The Babadook involves Shudder.Image: Electronic OneWhat’s On Shudder May 1?Eli Roth’s Background of Horror S3Broadcast Transmission IntrusionGoodnight MommyThe Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2Leatherface: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre III
What’s On Shudder May 2?The BabadookThe Midnight Swim
What’s On Shudder May 6?The Twin
What’s On Shudder May 9?PopcornThe StylistWhat’s On Shudder May 12?The Sadness What’s On Shudder might 16?Brain DamageWhat’s On Shudder May 19?The Found Footage Phenomenon
What’s On Shudder May 23?Tetsuo The Iron ManTetsuo YOUR BODY HammerWhat’s On Shudder May 24?The ProwlerWhat’s On Shudder May 26?A BanquetWhat’s On Shudder May 30?The UnseenDemon Wind
What’s On Shudder Might 31?KolobosTwo Firestarters, the initial (above) and fresh, are arriving at Peacock.Picture: UniversalWhat’s On Peacock Might 1? 13 Heading on 30
ArmageddonConstantine (2005)Creepshow (1982)Disaster MovieDreamcatcherEnemy of the StateFear and Loathing in Las VegasIndependence DayThe Property Before TimeLand Before Period: Trip of the BraveLand of the Shed (2009)Madagascar
Needful ThingsThe OneResident EvilResident Evil: ApocalypseResident Evil: ExtinctionResident Evil: AfterlifeResident Evil: RetributionResident Evil: THE ULTIMATE ChapterScott Pilgrim versus. The WorldShrekShrek 2Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas (2003)TwilightThe Twilight Saga: New MoonThe Twilight Saga: EclipseThe Twilight Saga: Busting Dawn Part 1The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Component 2Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-RabbitWhat’s On Peacock May 2? Saw 2Noticed 3Saw 4Saw 5Noticed 6Saw 3DWhat’s On Peacock Might 5? Firestarter (1984)
Halloween II (1981)Halloween III: Period of the WitchThey LiveVillage of the DamnedWhat’s On Peacock Might 13? Firestarter (2022)Want even more io9 news? Have a look at when to anticipate the latest Superstar and Marvel Wars releases, what’s following for the DC Universe on Television and film, and all you need to learn about Home of the Dragon and Lord of the Bands: The Bands of Power.

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