Thursday September 29, 2022

The trailer for Love, Death and Robots volume 3, is filled with killer animals

We knew that Netflix’s sci fi anthology Love, Death and Robots would return for a third volume. We now know what to expect thanks to a new trailer. The show will continue to feature animated stories that fall under the categories of horror, sci-fi, and sometimes fantasy. The variety of stories Love, Death and Robots tells is what makes it stand out. The new season is no different. It features animation that ranges from hyper-realistic to cel-shaded trippiness. Netflix claims there will be nine stories this season. And if there is a common theme, it may just be animals. The trailer features giant crabs and cyborg bears as well as a cyborg cat. There’s also a subtle dig at tech billionaires. The streaming of the third volume, which was produced by Tim Miller & David Fincher, will begin on May 20th.

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