Sunday December 04, 2022

The iconic Airstream silver bullet camping trailer is back as a remote-controlled electric vehicle

Thor Industries, a manufacturer of recreational vehicles, revealed last week a new electric tow-assisted “eStream” trailer concept. It also has a battery-powered RV that can be detached and moved around a campsite remotely. This could make maneuvering more simple and safer. Although it may look similar to Tesla’s remote parking feature and other gimmicks, the eStream’s electrical propulsion allows for other advances such as the ability of synchronization with a towing car to increase range between recharging.
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Electric vehicles are capable of greater range, but if you have ever tried to tow a trailer behind a Tesla you may find it loses a lot of range. The eStream could offer a great alternative for those who want to live an all-electric lifestyle on the open roads.
Many campsites offer 240-volt service where the eStream or an additional EV can be charged. The eStream has solar panels that can regain power from the 80 kWh battery system. There are no diesel generators to power campers when the eStream is not plugged in.
Thor industries also introduced Thor Vision Vehicle concept, a Ford Transit van that can be converted into an electric vehicle (EV) with futuristic tech-filled interior and a large tablet-style infotainment screen with trip planning and other internet connected features.
The Thor Vision has solar panels as well, but its surprising power source is a fuel cells that can charge the batteries for extended dry camping periods. Alexa voice control can also be used to adjust lighting and temperature, as well as give status updates.
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Winnebago, another company working on an electric RV van that can be fully equipped (built on a Ford Transit). Although this concept is realistically possible, the 125 mile range seems a bit limited compared to Thor Vision’s 300 mile target.

Winnebago’s new Transit based EV camper has an estimated range of 125 miles. Research shows that 54% of RV buyers prefer to stay within 200-miles. Is that enough?
— Autoblog (@therealautoblog), January 19, 2022

As with all concepts it remains to be seen when the eStream camper or the Thor Vision vehicle will become production. Don’t get too excited about an all-electric off-grid lifestyle.

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