The benefits you achieve through this repricer such as Minimum time spent on reviewing the prices, increasing sales, Real-time repricer- that would instantly react to the competitor’s price change. You will not miss a single opportunity to provide a competitive pricing of your product to the customer, there is no limit to the number of SKU’s you can reprice. In some software, as the limit exceeds, the backend cost of the software also increases. You will not cut the share of your revenues even if the product range increases in the future. Amazon is a fast selling platform, you cannot take time on reviewing and then changing the prices of the product and this is also not practical. Repricers are not born equal at all. The best ones automate the process while taking complete advantage of the seller’s knowledge and experience. We will explore rules and advanced features of repricing tools, and how to use them to make more profit on Amazon.

Must-have features of the best Amazon repricing tools

It will help to define how much above or below other types of sellers you are willing to compete. FBA merchants can compete with other FBA sellers only and ignore non-FBA, or a price above them. Using rules, FBA sellers can increase the profit on each sale by pricing above the self-fulfilled, while still having a strong opportunity of winning the Buy Box because Amazon favors FBA. Net margin repricing helps in preventing you from selling products at a loss. Every single cost associated with a product can be entered into the repricer tool and used to calculate the minimum selling price automatically. Net Margin repricing helps and enables you to identify and eliminate unprofitable sales. If you are interested to know more repricing tool visit the link of Feedback ratings and percentages is the other way to compete. It is easy to find your seller rating and percentage, as well as that of other sellers. Feedback is a key differentiator for buyers in that it’s used to compare sellers and make profitable buying decisions. You can opt to compete with sellers in your range and rule out sellers you either can’t or don’t need to compete with.