Sunday November 27, 2022

Still Getting G Suite For Free? Get ready to pay up

Andy Dean Photography/Shutterstock.comThere are a ton of legacy G Suite accounts out there getting access to Google’s suite of apps for free. Google is ending the grandfathered accounts and requiring users to pay for Google Workspace. Although Google stopped offering free g suite accounts in 2012, it allowed tons of users to keep their accounts active. Anyone can sign up for these accounts with a custom domain to access Gmail and many other Google tools. Google’s decision to end these free accounts is certain to upset many users. However, it’s difficult to be upset about having something for free for more years than ten years. If you have one of these accounts, you will need to move to Google Workspace and start paying. You can also get a account for free. However, you will lose your custom domain and other features G Suite used to offer. Google will upgrade subscriptions “based upon the features you use” on May 1. You’ll need to set up billing to allow that to happen. If you don’t upgrade, Google will suspend your account.Advertisement
Google also offers people who upgrade to paid service a discount of up to 5% per year. This is a nice offer. This won’t compensate for the fact some users have already purchased a lot of stuff on these accounts and may not want to pay. However, this won’t compensate for the fact that some users have purchased a lot of things on these accounts and may not want to start paying.
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