Tuesday October 04, 2022

Snapchat unveils Drone Camera, Advanced AR Tools, and New Commerce Integrations at Partner Summit

Snapchat held its annual Partner Summit. It announced a variety of new tools and features, including advanced AR tools to help eCommerce brands create AR experiences, improved systems that help more businesses create AR experiences, as well as improved systems to help businesses create AR experiences. Zero Zero Robotics developed the Pixy drone, which can be carried anywhere with you. The $230 Pixy drone can fit in your pocket and is easy to carry with you. This clip shows that your Pixy drone will hover a few feet above your head and capture both photos as well as videos. The drone will then upload all its content to your Snap Memories. You can pick and choose what content you want to upload to other apps by downloading the content. It will undoubtedly be popular and will be available in the US and France via Pixy.com. Although several developers and testers have been testing the advanced glasses, Snap has not shared any new information. It allows us to use computing within a familiar environment, weaving tech seamlessly into our lives.” It’s easy to imagine how much worse it will be if it surrounds you and takes up all of your view. Snap also showed its upcoming ‘Director Mode’ which will allow for more advanced editing tools. This will include dual camera controls that allow you to use both the front and back cameras simultaneously to create 360-degree content. This could allow for VR-like experiences in Snap’s app via more immersive Lens experiences. However, Spiegel points out that Snap is not really focusing on this feature. Snap’s Lens Studio update includes new effects tools and updates. Lens Cloud will provide additional data storage to create more expansive AR experiences. Ray tracing will make AR elements appear even more real. Snap’s creative tools are full of innovation. While not groundbreaking (like AR Spectacles), it is still a leader in the AR space. Snap has proven its market intelligence time and again, which has allowed it to beat other apps. While Meta and Apple also build AR experiences, Snap’s new usage insights will help it maintain its lead in the AR space.

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