Sunday December 04, 2022

Sega’s Yakuza director announces a new studio

Toshihiro Nagoshi is the former chief creative officer of Sega. He was responsible for the development of Yakuza as well as general director of Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio. His next move is to start his own studio, called Nagoshi Studio. It is entirely funded by NetEase, a Chinese internet and gaming company. Masayoshi Yokoyama was interviewed by The Verge last year about his work with the latest Yakuza game Like a Dragon. He is currently working on the next installment of the Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio.
Nagoshi Studio will have its Tokyo headquarters. It has already hired many former Sega employees and Yakuza contributors. Producer Daisuke Sato is included, as well as Kazuki Hosokawa and Koji Tokieda. Designer Masao Shirosaki, engineer Mitsunori Yamamoto, Naoki Someya and director Taichi Ushioda. Artist Toshihiro Ando is also included in the list.
Nagoshi talks about his decision to join NetEase and leave Sega in an interview with Japanese game magazine Famitsu. Nagoshi says he wanted to do something different and expressed a desire for games that appealed more outside of Japan. However, he also noted that the studio’s main focus will remain in Japan for the moment. Nagoshi believes that being independent will allow his team the freedom to create games without having to take into account Sega’s larger business plan.

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