Sunday December 04, 2022

Samsung Galaxy S22 European Price Leak suggests a base Ultra model with less RAM

Android Police has obtained potential pricing information for the Samsung Galaxy S22 series in Europe from Roland Quandt, a reliable leaker. Samsung appears to have transferred its prices from the S21 lineup. The only difference is the equally-priced S22 Ultra model, which allegedly has less RAM than its S21 predecessor. The S22 series was not supposed to be less expensive. They didn’t consider inflation, parts shortages, and Covid. Actual EURO prices:
S22 8/128GB = 849

S22 8/256GB = 899

S22+ 8/128GB = 1049

S22+ 8/256GB = 1099

S22 Ultra 8/128GB = 1249

S22 Ultra 12/256GB = 1349

S22 Ultra 12/512GB = 1449 — Roland Quandt (@rquandt) January 22, 2022 Quandt claims the S22 will start at 849EUR (~$963), the S22 Plus will set you back 1,049EUR (~$1,190), and the base S22 Ultra will cost 1,249EUR (~$1,417). All base models of the series have 8GB RAM and 128GB storage. The S22 Plus and S22 Plus offer a more expensive option with 8GB RAM and 128GB storage. The S22 Ultra will cost 1,249EUR ($1,190), while the S22 Ultra has two additional tiers with 12GB RAM with either 256GB, or 512GB storage. These prices are identical to the S21 devices. However, Android Police’s leak suggests that the base S22 Ultra may have 8GB of RAM, instead of the 12GB found in the base S21 Ultra. The S22 Ultra may still cost the same as the S21 Ultra, but a 100EUR premium will get the extra 4GB. Pre-ordering a Galaxy S22 phone will get you a $50 credit towards the purchase. Android Police has revealed that US pricing information leaked earlier this month. The base S22 is rumored to start at $899, while the S22 Plus costs $1,099 and the S22 Ultra at $1,299. These prices would imply a $100 increase in all devices if they are true. The internet has flooded with leaked information about S22 series, giving us a glimpse of what the lineup might look like. An S22 Ultra that looks a lot like the discontinued Note (completely equipped with a stylus) has been leaked before. Another video gives us a glimpse at what appears to be all three S22 units in an unboxing video.

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