Wednesday October 05, 2022

Nike restocks the difficult-to-find Go FlyEase slip on sneakers

The Nike Go Flyease sneakers are now back in stock. Sneaker restocks are usually something that only the most ardent sneaker enthusiasts would be excited about. But, this time, Nike’s hands-free sneakers are different. The $120 Go FlyEase is known for its easy-to-use design. However, it has been notoriously difficult to find the right shoe for those who need them most. This design allows the shoe’s “open” and “closed positions to be switched, making it easy for anyone to just step into the shoe. The problem was that Nike didn’t manage the launch well. Due to limited availability and hype, resale websites raised prices by over $400 from the original $120 price. People with limited mobility shared their struggles finding the shoes via social media. This led to Nike being accused by using accessibility as a marketing strategy.
It’s not surprising that FlyEase tech’s newer versions tend to be limited editions. The ACG Gaiadome FlyEase Boot was designed by Nike for Team USA at the Beijing Winter Olympics. The boot can be worn one-handed and was made for people with limited dexterity. The FlyEase boot was exclusive to athletes, and was not available in the rest of Team USA gear.
Folks are definitely snapping the shoes up — but how many of them are resellers?Screenshot: Victoria Song / The Verge

In this context, it’s great to see that shoes are back in stock. However, there’s no indication as to how many there are. As of writing, some sizes have sold out in certain colorways.
The Nike Go FlyEase page clearly states that it is “great for people who have limited mobility and want ease of entry.” So there’s no doubt who the target audience is. Nike also noted that the shoes are a great option for anyone who needs to take their shoes off or put them on quickly. This is because inclusive design benefits everyone. It is hoped that resellers won’t make it difficult for those who really need shoes. Nike will continue to expand its availability.

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