Thursday February 09, 2023

New LEGO Thor’s Hammer Comes With a Mini Infinity Gauntlet


By Grabthar’s hammer—hold on, that’s not the right reference. I guess I’ll just cut to the chase; LEGO just opened pre-orders for its Thor’s Hammer kit. The 18-inch-tall Mjölnir model comes with a classy information display and includes a bundle of cute miniatures, including a mini Infinity Gauntlet.

The 979-piece kit is part of LEGO’s Marvel model series, which includes killer products like the Venom bust and the full-sized Infinity Gauntlet model. It’s an accurate recreation of the real Mjölnir hammer, with a belt loop and weighty design.


Plus, the Thor’s Hammer set comes with a Thor minifigure and miniaturized versions of Odin’s Fire, Tesseract, and the Infinity Gauntlet. These small pieces can tuck into the hammer through its sliding side door, which is a bit odd, but still kind of neat.

I should also mention that this set is intended for adults. Children can assemble it with some help, but it’s not exactly an entry-level LEGO kit.

You can now pre-order the Thor’s Hammer LEGO set at Target or the LEGO website. It costs $100 and ships March 1st. Ordering the set through LEGO’s website gets you 650 VIP points, by the way.

LEGO Thor’s Hammer

This 18-inch recreation of Thor’s hammer Mjölnir comes with a display stand, a Thor minifigure, plus small models of the Infinity Gauntlet, Tesseract, and Odin’s Fire. Pre-order it now ahead of the March 1st release!

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