Thursday February 09, 2023

Netflix Finally Adds a Quality of Life Feature We’ve Wanted for Ages

Studio R3/Shutterstock.comRemember that certain episode of New Woman you watched on Netflix back 2019? Netflix will. Thankfully, it (lastly) added a “Get rid of from Continue Viewing” button to all or any of its versions, enabling you to much better curate your “Continue Viewing” list.Although tech-savvy people have had an complicated workaround to this for quite some time unnecessarily, the streaming giant caved and added an easier and much more user-friendly button finally. Now it’s a breeze to remove all those terrible teaches you started viewing but eventually bailed on. So long as need to be embarrassed about the options you create on Netflix.
NetflixNetflix assured everyone inside a recent post that it has totally “heard people” and that, today “Starting, members all over the world can get rid of a Television show or film from your own ‘Continue Viewing’ row on all gadgets, including Television, with the click on of a button. Select a show or movie simply, and choose ‘Remove from Continue Viewing’ from the page choices. If you change your brain, it is possible to undo that elimination by clicking the trunk arrow button also.”
It looks as if Netflix has been spending so much time to create improvements and add fresh features lately, such as boosting streaming features for select Search engines Pixel devices. In addition, it added mobile video games to its app for a few justification and increased its costs. You earn some, you lose some I assume.
via iMore

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