Sunday December 04, 2022

Nanoleaf “Retires” Its Original Light Panels

NanoleafIt has been six years since Nanoleaf’s first product, the Rhythm Light Panels. Nanoleaf has been selling its original Light Panels for six years. That’s a long period for any smart lighting product. Nanoleaf promises to continue to support the Light Panels for “ever,” but customers who want to join Nanoleaf will have to purchase the company’s smart lighting decor.
Nanoleaf also has a limited-time fire sale for Light Panels and accessories. These devices are now almost all gone, and I was hoping to get some!
If you still have the original Light Panels and wish to upgrade, it’s a good time to sell them on eBay. Nanoleaf describes the Rhythm Light Panels as a “piece in history”, so maybe I’m wrong, but the Light Panels won’t be increasing in value anytime soon.
Nanoleaf will continue to offer replacement parts for original Light Panels up until 2030. If you take care of your Rhythm Light Panels, they will continue to work for you for the next ten years. This is an impressive feat for any smart home product.
Source: Nanoleaf

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