Tuesday October 04, 2022

Musk Secures Funding As More Hints to His Twitter Plans Slowly Filter Through

What’s the latest on Elon Musk? Ellison is also a director of Tesla. At one point, Oracle was close to becoming the US-owned TikTok. This is because Trump’s administration is pushing for the US to take over the social media platform. Twitter has struggled for years to increase its revenue. It has been trying to reform its business to meet new performance thresholds set forth by shareholder groups. Market analysts don’t believe Twitter can reverse its course and become a more money-making machine. Musk has also been working to reform its business elements to meet strict new performance thresholds set by shareholder groups. These investors aren’t just investing in Elon’s Twitter project to support his hobbies. Although Elon is passionate about Twitter and his support for free speech, it seems like there is no business focus. It does look like a hobby horse for Musk. Musk will make the public statements about reducing ad dependence and reforming the platform’s moderation policies. But there must be a long-term strategy. My original view was that Musk would push for all users to pay for Twitter access. He would also verify their details to ensure they aren’t bot accounts. Musk then shared this earlier this week: Musk is looking at a new subscription model but it won’t apply to regular users. There’s still a lot to do and it’s not yet possible to secure the final approvals to see Musk’s Twitter deal through. The funding is now in place, the process is moving forward, and reports suggest that Musk will be acting as Twitter CEO while the details are finalized. He will replace Parag Agrawal. Expect job cuts and program modifications, as well as a shift in Twitter’s focus during this initial period. We’ll have to see how that affects your day-today tweet experience.

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