Tuesday October 04, 2022

Musk discusses his views on content moderation as the Twitter deal gets closer to completion

Musk believes that many Twitter employees wouldn’t even know this bias because they’re located in San Francisco. Musk believes that many Twitter employees wouldn’t even know this bias because they are located in San Francisco.
Musk reiterated his intention to open-source Twitter’s feed algorithm. He said that if he could, he would “literally put the Twitter algorithm onto GitHub and say something like, “Hey, anyone want suggestions to this?” Please proceed.
Musk indicated that he believes that Musk would likely restore the former President Donald Trump’s account that was banned, because permanent bans are not effective in most cases.
This is the last point that most people are latching onto. Ever since Tesla’s owner announced his plans for buying Twitter, right-wing pundits and politicians have been praising the deal as a victory for free speech and a return to democracy. The decision to ban Trump is a ‘line-in-the-sand’ moment. It will be a major point for contention when Elon Musk takes over the company. Trump seems to be determined to build his own social network, Truth Social. If it succeeds, it could make him a lot more money and allow any speech that he chooses. But it’s hard to imagine that Trump is happy speaking to a smaller audience. Here’s a visual representation showing the engagement on Truth Social right now. Trump had nearly 90 million Twitter followers when his account was suspended. This gave him a large platform to spread his political messages and virtually every tweet he sent sparked a new news story. Musk may reverse Trump’s ban. Despite his statements to the contrary, I think Trump will return to Twitter. This will launch a new season, “Will They Ban Him?”. Musk said that if a tweeter says something that is illegal or just destructive to the world, there should be a timeout or a temporary suspension. Or that tweet should be made invisible, or have very limited traction. If there are tweets that are bad or wrong, they should be deleted or made inaccessible. A temporary suspension is acceptable but not a permanent ban. Musk is a strong advocate for moderation in order to control the most harmful content. Musk previously stated that he will follow the laws in each region to determine what content will be allowed in the app. He also met with Thierry Breton (the European Commissioner for Internal Markets) to discuss the EU plans for content moderation. So, according to Musk’s statements, he will ensure that Twitter follows all evolving content laws in all regions. This makes sense and seems to be a more hands-off approach to these issues. However, Musk’s free speech stance could be diluted. At least, in the eyes of those who are more extreme, Musk’s views on free speech won’t help the platform grow its user base. How will Twitter triple its userbase in three years? How will Twitter triple its user base in three years?

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