Thursday February 09, 2023

Move Over EVs, a Hydrogen Off-Road Racing Series is Here

Extreme EExtreme E held its first all-electric off-road motorsport race in 2021, showing that electric vehicles could be capable in gnarly race conditions quite. However, the ongoing company has revealed an all-new race series called Extreme H, the world’s first off-road motorsport with vehicles running on Hydrogen.In 2021 at Extreme E’s first event, Rosberg X Racing took first place at the Desert X Prix in Saudi Arabia, with drivers Johan Kristofferson and Molly Taylor in control. The function had a whole large amount of excitement around it because of the off-road Baja-style vehicles being completely electric. A large motorsport event in 2024 will need spot to kick things up a notch, with cars running both on electric drivetrains and Hydrogen fuel cells.
Extreme H will need invest Saudi Arabia also, only this right time, both races will simultaneously happen, with exactly the same format. The business is reportedly already busy developing its Extreme H car, with the hopes of experiencing a race-ready prototype by early 2023. The Hydrogen-powered vehicle could have exactly the same powertrain and chassis as Extreme E vehicles (pictured below) but will operate on hydrogen fuel cells rather than a battery.
Extreme EAccording to Alejandro Agag, the founder, “Extreme E was made to be considered a testbed for solutions and innovation for mobility. It is becoming increasingly clear to us that developing a hydrogen racing series is really a natural evolution of our mission to showcase the options of new technologies in the race to fight climate issues.” Then went on to convey the vehicles will operate on “green hydrogen” utilizing a mix of water and solar technology.
For the present time, it’s unclear just what to anticipate or what conditions have to be met for vehicles to enter. The organizers are considering two layouts for hydrogen vehicles, those being combined racing or full transition. Either real way, off-road racing fans have two more exciting events to check to forward, not forgetting the epic vehicles which will hit the dirt.
via Engadget

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