Friday September 30, 2022

Microsoft’s new email client for Windows, ‘One Outlook’, is beginning to leak.

Microsoft’s new Outlook client for Windows, which the company has been working hard on for some time now, seems almost ready to go. Windows Central first noticed that some users were able to download the app. However, it appears to only work for educational and work accounts. The new app is proving to be exactly what users expect. It is lighter and more user-friendly than previous versions of Outlook for Windows. It also has a lot more power than the built in Mail app. The app is fully online as Microsoft continues to move services to the internet rather than running them as native apps. (Microsoft did not respond to a request to comment.

The new One Outlook email client from Microsoft has been leaked. It’s a web-based client that will eventually replace the built in Mail app on Windows, and even win32 Outlook. I expect a public beta at Build and full Outlook replacement within a few years. Image: Temmie– Tom Warren (@tomwarren) May 6, 2022

According to reports, the app was supposed to be in development by 2021 with plans to eventually replace other clients. Microsoft is expected to announce the new app at its Build developer conference this month. It will then move to replace Mail, Calendar and eventually other versions Outlook. How does it perform? We will have to wait to see the new app, but it is safe to say that desktop apps acting as shells for web applications have a somewhat rocky history. However, Microsoft’s long-standing push to promote Progressive Web Apps makes it seem that the future is on its way.
It will be difficult to transition because so many Outlook users have a long history of using the app in a certain way. A new experience that is simpler and cleaner will feel like a big departure. Microsoft will likely continue to offer multiple versions of Outlook, at least temporarily. The future will only have one Outlook, however, this is the clear path. It all starts with the internet.

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