Thursday September 29, 2022

Michael Mignano, co-founder of Anchor, to leave Spotify

The company confirmed Monday that Michael Mignano, cofounder of Anchor and Spotify’s chief podcasting tech officer for the past three-years, had submitted his resignation. The shakeup will take place at the end June. It follows two other notable departures from Spotify’s podcasting business. Last month, it was announced that Courtney Holt, the head of studios, and video, will be leaving the company. Holt is known for cutting blockbuster deals, including with Joe Rogan, the Obamas, and others. Lydia Polgreen, Gimlet Media director, announced her resignation to The New York Times in April.
In 2015, Mignano founded Anchor, a DIY podcast distributor. Spotify bought the company for more than $150m in 2019. Mignano co-founded Anchor, a DIY podcast distributor, in 2015.
Anchor has yet to produce any audio stars, but it is the most popular podcast hosting platform. Livewire Labs claims that one in four podcast episodes are published through Anchor. Spotify relies on the platform to increase its podcast library. Spotify now hosts 4 million podcasts, an increase of 1 million podcasts by 2020. The company claims that 85 percent its new podcasts are uploaded via Anchor.
Mignano was unavailable for comment.

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