Wednesday October 05, 2022

Meta Updates Offers Monetization Options to Improve Incentivization of Creators

We’re changing how payouts are calculated, to reward creators with a range of audience sizes who make high quality original content that resonates with people (which may result in payouts changing for some creators). Meta has not provided details on how it will change its payout calculations, but it seems that the update is aimed at rewarding creators who have smaller audiences than the big players taking all of the cash. It will be easier for someone with a million followers to reach the engagement threshold for Reels rewards. This is a disadvantage for rising stars and those who want to make a name for themselves in this space. Meta has been testing overlay ads for Reels for some time with selected creators. This could allow for more equitable and encouraging programs to foster rising talent. Meta recently updated its performance to note that Reels clips now account for more than 20% of Instagram’s total time spent. However, this could make it easier for creators to promote their products on Facebook’s Reels Play bonus page. Reels Play Bonus Insight on Facebook allows creators to see how many Plays each eligible Reel received during the earning period. This will give creators more transparency and help them establish a more sustainable business model. Meta will not change its monetization parameters based on what it wants to incentivize. That will be at least until Meta does. Reels creators can see how many Plays each eligible Reel received within the given earning period. This will provide more transparency and help them establish a more sustainable process. It seems that our brains can only handle so much. But we are also constantly evolving. The platform that can best monetize short-form video will likely be the winner.

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