Thursday September 29, 2022

Meta Shares Introduces New Culture Codes to Help Advertisers Increase the Performance of their Promotions

As social media usage grows, so do the usage trends. These are the types of content that people find most engaging and appealing in social media. In the beginning, brands saw social media as a way to advertise their products. YPulse recently conducted a survey and found that 84% of young consumers agree with the statement that “I like it when content from brands is not perfect” and 79% said they are tired of seeing perfect images in advertising. A recent survey by YPulse found that 84% of young consumers agree with the statement “I like it when content is not perfect”. 79% also agreed that they are tired of seeing perfect images in advertisements. Culture is driven by people. It has its own language – relatable and unpolished, but above all, human. This is where creativity feels like it’s created by people, for people. Brands that understand the culture codes in place communicate as peers, creating trust and relatability through a shared language.
They use the language of platform to indicate their place in feed, and culture.
They use the power of creators in order to build trust and relateability
They take us behind-the scenes to make sure we are a part of the process
They use low-fi editing techniques that feel natural and human.
They use humor to break down the boundaries between audience and brand.
Meta believes that these elements will help brands create ads and promotions that are more in line with consumer expectations. It is similar to how you would explain your ideas to a friend. This is the main focus. As more people seek to connect with others online, brands need to be proactive and take the time to listen to their audience before launching disruptive promos. These tips will help you improve your advertising approach and appeal to modern consumers.

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