Friday September 30, 2022

Meta Announces New Business Messaging Tools. This includes Improved WhatsApp Ad Creation

Meta has announced new options to help brands use its messaging tools. These include improved WhatsApp ad creation and merging of WhatApp messages into your Meta Business Suite inbox, and Instagram quote requests. This middle element will soon be removed, which will streamline the WhatsApp promotion process. Meta has delayed the process until at least 2023 to address regulatory concerns regarding expanding messaging encryption. However, this integration is just one small part of a larger push. Businesses will be able to send promotional messages via Messenger to customers who opt into it. A customer could opt in to receive notifications about upcoming sales. This allows businesses to keep customers informed about future sales. SMBs have always said that Meta Business Suite allows them to respond faster to customer inquiries. However, they often rely on other solutions to customer reengagement. SMBs will now have a new tool to drive customer loyalty and sales in Meta Business Suite. This free product is currently being tested with select businesses. It allows businesses to place a “Get Quote” button on their Instagram profile and then use “Get Quote” stickers in Stories. With this button or Stories sticker, businesses can set up custom questions to ask customers prior to starting a conversation.”Messaging is still a difficult element for Meta to crack, on the revenue front at least. Meta is still struggling to make messaging a profitable business, despite billions of people using it every day. However, WhatsApp is a vital tool in many emerging markets. Meta still has the opportunity to make it a business platform.

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