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Liteboxer VR Review: A Virtual Shadowboxing Workout You Can Take Anywhere

SOME TIPS ABOUT WHAT We LikeLoved the workout experience
Ideal for small spaces
Much cheaper compared to the Liteboxer Starter package
And What We Don’tHave to get a Meta Quest 2 (Oculus Quest 2)
There’s nowhere for all you sweat to flee until you remove the headset
If the term Liteboxer doesn’t ring any bells for you personally, it’s an in-home boxing machine that employs gamified ways to make training more fun. The pleasure was had by me of reviewing a Liteboxer, and it’s super fun to work through on. When the opportunity was got by me to try out Liteboxer VR, I had high hopes.
Luckily, Liteboxer VR takes everything great about training on a genuine Liteboxer and transforms it into a highly effective, shadowboxing workout. Much like the physical Liteboxer machine I tested, I really like how easy the workouts are for novices and I’m enthusiastic about how fun the punch tracks are. But more on all this later.
You’ll require a Meta Quest 2 (previously referred to as Oculus Quest 2) to be able to try Liteboxer VR. It launches on March 3rd and, following a 7-day trial offer, will definitely cost $18.per month 99.
Table of ContentsLiteboxer VR Workout Experience
Liteboxer VR In comparison to Physical Liteboxer
EVEN THOUGH YOU Get VR Motion Sickness, Try Liteboxer VR
Liteboxer VR Workout Experience
Overall, my experience with Liteboxer VR was awesome, and a whole large amount of what I loved concerning the physical Liteboxer machine transferred to Liteboxer VR. I really like boxing as an exercise genre; it’s interactive and, honestly, just helps get those built-up emotions out in a wholesome way. Plus, Liteboxer succeeds to make training feel similar to a game, therefore i turn to every session rather than dreading it forward.
Following a single punch track and a 15-minute session with a Liteboxer coach, I was sweating thoroughly, that is both an awful and best part. It’s great because it’s an indicator I’m obtaining a great workout. But it’s terrible because I’m sweating profusely within the Meta Quest 2 headset.
Anyone who’s played a VR game knows that you always get sweaty ever, no real matter what you’re playing. VR is really a more active method of doing offers simply, so that it makes complete sense that you leave sweaty. With Liteboxer VR, be prepared to sweat at the very least just as much twice.
When I became popular the headset following the session ended, there is a mask of sweat beads around my nose and eyes. I also had the casual sweat droplet escape from the headset within my workout. Like I said, with VR you anticipate to obtain sweaty, but just take into account that you won’t have the ability to easily wipe the sweat from your own face without stopping the punch track or video.
That said, A cushion is had by me insert, not just a silicone insert. If you’ll be using any kind of VR workout in your regular fitness routine, you’ll desire to choose silicone insert. For previous Oculus owners, Facebook (now Meta) supplies a free one. If you’re investing in a Meta Quest 2 for the very first time, it includes a silicone insert now. Having a silicone insert helps immensely with the trapped sweat issue, and I’d recommend using one if you try Liteboxer VR.
LiteboxerLet’s discuss everything you see once the headset is on. You appear to be you’re in a virtual boxing ring and the punching board is before you at what it estimates may be the perfect punching level for you personally.
Then, to your left, you can view the video of one’s coach or the punch track with a period in the bottom helping you discover just how much longer you have. It had been easy to go over anytime and see what the Liteboxer coach was doing to be sure I was doing everything right.
Most of my punches registered (almost) flawlessly. The only real punches that appeared to have a problem registering 100% of that time period were the uppercuts (punches 5 and 6 on the punching board). I’m uncertain why, but I tried punching several different ways sufficient reason for each way consistently, some punches registered plus some didn’t.
Due to the fact was the only real flaw I ran into and Liteboxer VR launches on March 3rd, I’d say the app is currently in awesome shape right.
Liteboxer VR In comparison to Physical Liteboxer
Because you’re not punching anything actually, no resistance there’s. Which means that your experience on Liteboxer VR probably won’t be as impactful as a session on a physical Liteboxer. Having said that, shadowboxing workouts remain likely to strengthen muscle tissue and help you to get your daily dose of cardio.
You lose that type of “authentic” experience also, as they say, by not having the ability to punch something real before you. Training on the Liteboxer machine also lets you wipe away the sweat since it accumulates on your own face, whereas Liteboxer VR on the Meta Quest 2 doesn’t enable you to easily do this. When you have a silicone insert, there’ll be sweat still, but it’ll be minimized certainly.
If you’re stretched for space in your house, Liteboxer VR is actually going to use up less room when compared to a liteboxer machine way. The physical Liteboxer is 5-feet by 3-feet roughly, nevertheless, you could probably escape with only needing a 2-foot by 2-foot square for Liteboxer VR.
The final thing that separates Liteboxer VR and the Liteboxer machine may be the price. For Liteboxer’s Starter Package, you’ll be out $1695 for the machine; and even though a monthly subscription for $29.99 isn’t required, it unlocks a huge amount of premium content. Liteboxer VR only costs you $18.per month 99, but needless to say, you’ll should also choose the Meta Quest 2 (the 128GB model costs $299.99 and the 256GB model costs $399.99).
IN THE EVENT THAT YOU Get VR Motion Sickness liteboxereven, Try Liteboxer VR
If you’ve tried any kind of VR game or experience before and experienced motion sickness, you might be cautious with Liteboxer VR. But I could assure you, with Liteboxer VR, you’re standing in a single place and there is nothing moving around you truly, so you ought to be good.
Needless to say, I can’t say for certain that you won’t experience motion sickness because everyone’s different. Personally, there are specific VR games that I can’t play because I get motion sick and I had no problems with Liteboxer VR.
When you’re out working, you’re standing in a single place, in your fighter stance, throwing punches, and watching the coach and the punching board before you. Occasionally, you’ll execute a few exercises from the punching board like squats away, but that’s the only real time you ever move the feet.
Conclusion: IF YOU CURENTLY HAVE a Meta Quest 2, Try It Out definitely
In the event that you don’t have a Meta Quest 2 already, I certainly wouldn’t buy one simply for this app if you don’t were considering investing in a Liteboxer machine and considering this alternatively. If you’re comparing both, I’d recommend the VR Headset + Liteboxer VR combo due to the fact there are always a ton of other VR games it is possible to play along with saving cash and space in your house. Plus, it is possible to take the VR headset with you on holiday, nevertheless, you can’t take the Liteboxer machine with you.
If you’re an awesome kid and you also curently have a Meta Quest 2, try it out definitely. It’s this type of fun solution to workout, and because you can find punch tracks that match with songs, you merely have to invest in a little three to four-minute workout if that’s whatever you can muster. And usually, at the very least for me, i’m sweating once, I’m a lot more motivated to help keep going with yet another song or perhaps a small coached workout sometimes.

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