Thursday September 29, 2022

LinkedIn Updates Feed Algorithm to Lowerrank Engagement-Baiting Polls and Posts

LinkedIn user activity continues to rise. The platform reported’record levels of engagement growth’ for six quarters straight and counting. As the broader economy recovers, you can expect LinkedIn interactions will continue to climb in the wake of this pandemic. As always, there will be ‘growth hackers’ looking for ways to exploit platform algorithms to maximize their content performance. These days, most social media managers have engagement targets. More exposure can only help in providing brand attention and, hopefully, more valuable connections and businesses. LinkedIn believes that engagement baiting posts can become a problem when everyone is doing the same thing. We have seen many posts asking or encouraging the community to interact with content via likes and reactions. These posts were created with the sole purpose of increasing reach on the platform. This type of content can be confusing and frustrating for some users. We won’t be promoting such content and encourage everyone to focus on providing authentic, reliable, credible content. We are working to make the feed more intelligent and only show you relevant and helpful polls. This means you will see fewer polls from people that you don’t know, and more from people you are more likely to interact with through your network. However, the marketers have outdone themselves and LinkedIn users are tired of polls. They are not to be avoided, but you should be aware that they won’t go as far as they used to and may not be as useful as they once were. Another aspect is that users can now opt out of political content within the app. We are currently testing a method to allow you to reduce the amount of political content in your feed. We are currently testing the feature in the US. Based on the feedback we get, we may expand the feature to other regions and languages. However, there are many people who work in advocacy and political roles and may be affected by this feature. We will continue to develop the feature and expand it to other regions and languages based on feedback we receive. We’ll show you more targeted activity from our network, and where your chances of joining the conversation are higher, so you don’t see as much content. This option was also updated by LinkedIn recently. You can now choose to not see content from certain authors/creators or topics. These will be welcomed changes for many LinkedIn users. You’ll probably notice a change to your LinkedIn feed in the coming weeks.

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