Sunday December 04, 2022

LEGO’s New Globe Set adds an elegant touch to your home

The LEGOHoly cow is the latest LEGO set and it’s a fully functional globe. Guillaume Roussel, a LEGO fan, designed the LEGO Globe. It adds sophistication to any room thanks to its classic nautical design and amazing use of LEGO bricks. The LEGO Globe will be available for $200 starting February 1, 2012. It includes 2,565 pieces and some printed parts to label continents. There is also a functional mechanism that allows it to spin like a real globe.
The printed parts of this set, which are glow-in-the dark, make it stand out even more than a LEGO globe. It’s a great addition that could inspire young people to learn about Earth, its continents and its oceans.
The LEGO Globe can be customized using common parts. This set could be used to create a custom planet or erase Florida like Bugs Bunny.
The LEGO Globe set will be available for purchase starting February 1st at $200 It can be ordered directly from LEGO’s website once it becomes available or you can sign up for our newsletter to receive an alert on February 1st.

LEGO The Globe

The 2,585-piece LEGO Globe set, which retails for $200, features a realistic globe with glow-in-the dark tiles and a spinning mechanism. Guillaume Roussel designed it for LEGO Ideas.

Source: LEGO

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