Tuesday October 04, 2022

Leak confirms Sony flagship headphones design and casts doubts on improved battery life

Reddit has leaked images of the retail packaging for Sony’s upcoming flagship headphones the WH-1500XM5. These photos suggest that the successor to the WH-1000XM4 may be in the near future. Images confirm the previously reported design of the new headphones. It features a thinner headband, a redesigned connector with left and right earcups, and a redesigned connector. The new leak contradicts a TechnikNews report that claimed the headphones would have a longer battery life if they were used with active noise cancelling (ANC). According to the retail packaging, the headphones will last 30 hours. This is 10 hours less than the 40 hours previously reported and the same as the current model, XM4.

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The Walkman Blog suggests that the 40-hour figure may still be accurate. However, it is battery life when headphones are used with a more efficient audio codec (such AAC instead of LDAC). The XM4’s battery can be extended up to 38 hours by listening to the SBC codec and leaving most of its other features, such as ANC, turned off.
Other features included on the packaging include support of Sony’s 360 Reality Audio format (which is also supported by the XM4 headphones), as well as built-in support to voice assistants.
It is currently unknown when the headphones will be officially announced or their price. The WH-1000XM4 headphones by Sony cost $349.99 in August 2020. MacRumors reports that the confidential date for FCC filings relating the headphones will be available on August 8th. However, retail packaging is already appearing so we expect the headphones to be released much sooner than that.

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