Thursday February 09, 2023

Internet connection necessary for Windows 11 Pro Insider setup now

Microsoft has slapped an internet connectivity requirement on the Dev Channel version of Windows 11 Pro setup and warned a Microsoft account will undoubtedly be necessary for future builds in the Insider programme.The notification was dropped in by the end of the long set of tweaks in build 22557 impressively, of which probably the most eye-catching for all of us was the updated Task Manager.To be honest, we didn’t notice until we put the build on a sacrificial Intel PC and noticed different things through the out-of-box experience (OOBE). Scroll down the epic set of changes in this build, and there it really is:We’re not completely sure what Microsoft is playing at here; this may be something specific to the Windows Insider programme or it could be a glimpse in to the future of the operating-system (in the end, because something arises in the Dev Channel just, there is absolutely no guarantee it’ll go anywhere the mainstream version).Making users struggling to set up lacking any internet connection or perhaps a Microsoft account is greater than a little annoying (even though the intent is really as innocent as pulling down updates). This can particularly function as full case for the type of user who regularly does bare-metal installations. Notepad Dark Android and Mode apps arrive on Windows 11
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There is what’s promising, though. It appears like a Windows 11 Insider installation already running with an area account – the workaround unless you register with a Microsoft account – could keep ticking over, and the necessity shall only be for personal use, meaning users owning a corporate account must not be affected.However, the move is odd still. We can create a sacrificial Apple Mac with an area account, for instance. The more exotic macOS services do require someone to register, but this is not required to reach a desktop. But Windows 11, it appears, is relocating another direction. Since there is much to be gained from the Microsoft account (usage of OneDrive and so on), forcing it upon users leaves a negative taste.We contacted Microsoft to comprehend its thinking behind the change better, however the company must respond yet. For the time being, this change is bound to the Dev Channel of the Windows Insider programme currently. As with everything Dev Channel, it could reach non-Insiders never. (R)Get our Tech Resources

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