Thursday September 29, 2022

I Just DETERMINED the answer to Obi-Wan Kenobi’s Biggest Continuity Problem

Screenshot: LucasfilmAs great as it is to supply the two character types another combat, there’s been one issue with positioning Darth Vader inside Disney+’s upcoming Obi-Wan Kenobi collection. In A FRESH Hope, throughout their duel, Vader states, “When I remaining you, I had been however the learner. Right now I’m the get better at”-a clear mention of Anakin’s times as Obi-Wan’s apprentice. But how could that be in case a rematch has been had by them after their fight at Mustafar? I believe I’ve determined the solution.
AdvertisementIt found me while I had been reading a amazingly clickbait-y content at Enjoyment Weeklytitled “How Obi-Wan Kenobi modifications this is behind a vintage Star Wars range.” I clicked it, hoping to obtain an explanation concerning the learner/grasp line, which includes already been bothering me for some time. I do not generally be worried about these things, but “When I still left you, I has been however the learner” is indeed factual and unequivocal, the theory that it had been heading to be produced inexplicable by the Kenobi present has already established me rankled.We was both infuriated and surprised to learn that the article had not been about “learner/expert,” but about Vader’s line, “We feeling something. A existence I’ve not really felt since…” where the change is really a worthless distinction. Vader doesn’t specify a period he final felt Obi-Wan’s existence, so although it utilized to mean their duel on Mustafar in Revenge of the Sith, it’ll make reference to their experience in it show now. As the relative series is open-ended, it counts as recontextualization barely. More aggravatingly, superstars Ewan McGregor and Hayden Christensen and showrunner Deborah Chow don’t describe anything about how exactly the show “adjustments this is” behind the collection anyway, which made this article more meaningless actually.As I was in my own pathetic little nerd tantrum, I wondered again how Obi-Wan Kenobi wouldn’t be switching the “learner/get better at” range into an inaccuracy and a continuity mistake. How could Vader match Obi-Wan, a decade after the activities of RotS, but nonetheless consider himself students somehow? Because he earned’t be considered a pupil of Obi-Wan in the show definitely, and arguably wasn’t even throughout their Mustafar duel, considering that Anakin have been knighted by the Jedi. Therefore a learning college student of what? I wondered.Why, a learning college student of evil, needless to say.It’s the only real explanation which makes sense, nonetheless it makes feeling if you ask me. When he grew to become Vader, Anakin had chosen a fresh master-1 who could spend the 10 years post-RotS training his brand-new pupil Sith things reasonably. When Vader and Anakin encounter off in Kenobi inevitably, Vader is a learner of the true means of the darkish side-not Obi-Wan, as the film franchise offers implied. And, once the two satisfy again in A FRESH Hope, Vader could have turn into a “grasp of evil”-which is actually just what Obi-Wan phone calls him after Vader states the “learner/master” line. Today that’s a recontextualization!I quite definitely wish the Obi-Wan Kenobi display helps make this distinction explicit, because otherwise it’s likely to remain head-canon and I’d not look after that at all. We’m ashamed of just how much thought We’ve placed into this already. Hell, Personally i think nearly filthy for how thrilled I got once the explanation found me. If I’m right, there won’t be adequate hot showers in the global world for me personally to scrub apart my smug self-satisfaction. But at the very least Star Wars will undoubtedly be free from continuity errors once again completely, because of program there whatsoever are zero others. Phew! Close contact!AdvertisementWant a lot more io9 news? Have a look at when to anticipate the latest Superstar and Marvel Wars releases, what’s following for the DC Universe on Television and film, and all you need to learn about Home of the Dragon and Lord of the Bands: The Bands of Strength.

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